ESPADRILLES POPULAR IN SUMMER Rope soles look carefree with suntanned legs


Espadrilles are summer perennials for good reasons: Something about suntanned legs in rope-soled fabric slippers evokes images of a carefree Mediterranean life. Espadrilles are comfortable to wear. They are also cheap. (Of course, they don't last long, but that's part of the bargain.)

For those who prefer the classic variety, plenty are available in plain canvas with a squared-off toe and a wedge-shaped rope sole.

Macy's junior department has Esprit's bright flower-print or color-block cotton flats for $19.99.

But the chic espadrilles for this summer are the ones that look as though they have been cross-pollinated with other shoe shapes, such ad two styles from Sybilla, the Spanish designer, with rope soles and leather inner linings. One canvas upper is styled like a round-toed Chinese slipper, while the other resembles a neat laced-up oxford. The chunky look is cool now, in both a fashionable and a practical sense.

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