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Lucas Livingston, age 6, died Tuesday. In...


Lucas Livingston, age 6, died Tuesday. In an article on this page March 18, his father had described the bone-marrow transplant Lucas was to undergo in an attempt to treat his leukemia, and had asked for readers' prayers. Dr. Livingston writes: During his short life Lucas brought great joy to his family. He was an exceptionally kind and sensitive little boy whose cheerful and affectionate nature enriched the lives of all who knew him. He was in kindergarten at Stevens Forest Elementary School in Columbia.

While his life until December was typical of most children his age, it was his indomitable spirit in the face of a devastating illness that ennobled his struggle and affected many of the professionals who cared for him.

An article in these pages in March evoked dozens of responses from people who wished him well and offered to keep him in their prayers. Lucas and his family took great comfort from these expressions of support.

He underwent painful procedures uncomplainingly and maintained an unfailing optimism in the face of adverse complications. In his battle against his illness he showed a courage and determination which inspired all who persevered with him. His spirit lives on in each of us.

He leaves behind his parents, Gordon Livingston and Clare King, as well as his sisters Emily, Nina and Kirsten, his brother, Michael and his grandfather, Dr. Joseph E.B. King.

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