38 million watched 'Murphy' have a baby


About 38 million viewers tuned in to see Murphy have her baby (a boy) on Monday's season-ending episode of "Murphy Brown," starring Candice Bergen. The CBS sitcom got a 23.0 rating from Nielsen (percentage of the nation's 92.1 million TV households) and a 35 share (percentage of sets in use), its second-highest ever. (The highest was Sept. 16, 1991, its premiere this season, when it had a 23.8/35). "Evening Shade," which followed "Murphy Brown" just for the night (it also aired in its 8 p.m. normal time slot), had its highest rating ever.

CNN founder Ted Turner pulled the switch in Moscow Monday night on a trial two-hour nightly broadcast of CNN International with a simultaneous Russian translation. The two-hour newscast, 10 p.m. to midnight, will air for six months on Channel 6, a new independent station formed by former executives of Gostelradio, the old Soviet state-run network. Ostankino, the successor to Gostelradio, is a partner with CNN in the trial program, as is the Moscow city government. CNN has been seen in Moscow over the air and in six upscale hotels, 24 hours a day in English, since 1990.

NBC won the prime-time ratings race last week for the second week in a row, with the season finale of its "Cheers" ranking No. 1. The network averaged a 12.1 rating and 11 share. CBS averaged an 11.6 rating/20 share, ABC an 11.4/20.


"MTV Unplugged" airs back-to-back editions tonight, starting with Mariah Carey at 10, and then, at 10:30, an R&B; show with Shanice, Boyz II Men and Joe Public . . . Jay Leno is interviewed tonight and tomorrow on "Later With Bob Costas" (NBC, 2:05 a.m.) . . . Dana Delany ("China Beach") is interviewed on tonight's "Dick Cavett Show" (CNBC, 10 p.m.).

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