Orioles, lights looking to shine tonight


Fear not, baseball fans. The lights will be on tonight at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. And with any luck, they'll stay on and the Orioles will avenge last night's 5-3 loss to the Oakland Athletics.

Ballpark officials said today that electricians are trying to diagnose a lighting malfunction that temporarily dimmed last night's O's-A's game.

Tom Rogers, the ballpark's project manager, said that about a half-dozen electricians and engineers had climbed the right field light standard in their efforts to fix the problem, he said.

"They're up there . . . in the light of day, with cool heads, trying to figure out what happened," he said. "I don't have any doubt they'll fix it."

Last night's outage was the first serious glitch in the stadium's state-

of-art lighting system. Lights in a standard above the first-base grandstand failed before the game. An additional set of lights in the tower went out during the game, causing play to be suspended for about 20 minutes. Play resumed after about two-thirds of the faulty lights went back on.

In all, four light standards ring the stadium, including one attached to the roof of the B&O; warehouse. The racks on the stadium roof loom about 167 feet above the playing field. They hold 711 metal halide bulbs, each guaranteed to burn 3,000 hours, each throwing off 1,500 watts of light.

Mr. Rogers said chances for a repeat of last night's problems were, at best, remote.

"Will it happen again? You've heard stories about lightning striking the same place five times, but not very often," he said.

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