Dear Stadium Doctor:I recently had the opportunity...


Dear Stadium Doctor:

I recently had the opportunity to see a baseball game at Baltimore's splendid new stadium. I do not believe there is a better venue for baseball anywhere in the country.

However, during your video presentation of the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," I noticed the line: "For it's one, two,

three strikes your out." Shouldn't the lyrics read "Three strikes you're out," as in you are out?

Arthur H. Mitchell

Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Dear Arthur H. Mitchell:

You will be pleased to hear that the mistake already has been detected and fixed.

A sad footnote: Dr. Charles Steinberg, the team's chief scoreboard operator, saw his streak of grammatically errorless games snapped at 608.

*Dear Stadium Doctor:

It was my understanding that the new stadium would have a children's playground. Could you please tell me where the playground will be located and when it will open?

William Corey

Perry Hall

Dear William Corey:

Thank you for asking this question, which is of the utmost importance to small children and their frazzled parents, though rarely in that order. I checked into this and found that the playground is behind schedule but still expected to open this season in a location on the main stadium level, across from the first base deli bar. You know what this means: While 3-year-olds skin their knees, parents will nosh on pastrami.

Still no word on a burning playground issue: whether the Orioles will dedicate various playland attractions to heroes from their past. Suggestions said to be actively under consideration are Joe Altobelli-autographed tetherball set and Fred Lynn teeter-totter, permanently closed for repairs.

*Dear Stadium Doctor:

My most lasting impression of Oriole Park after my first visit is the volume of the loudspeakers. The music in the beginning of the game was so loud I could not have a conversation with the person next to me.

Can a cure be found to reduce the noise to Memorial Stadium levels?

Stuart Bassler


Dear Stuart Bassler:

As you know, I can't help you. But I think the Orioles and the Maryland Stadium Authority already have. The cluster speakers they chose for the new stadium are perfect for the kind of adjustment you seem to be asking for. All that's required is a turn of a knob. (It might be a flick of a switch. I can't remember.)

The new stadium has speakers clustered in almost every section, as opposed to Memorial Stadium, where every amplified sound came out of a centrally located boom box. The advantage of the system at the new stadium is that the noise you hear can be turned down, while not affecting fans sitting in other sections, many of whom don't want to talk to their neighbors or to themselves.

My advice is to tell the nearest usher about your problem, and ask him to relay the complaint to the control room. I don't know exactly what that means, but they should.

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