disgruntled fan's viewIt is impossible to contact...


disgruntled fan's view

It is impossible to contact the Orioles offices despite all the new phone lines that have been installed. I could quit my full-time job and spend days on end trying to contact them!

Just to let you know about the terrible seating in the new ballpark: Anyone with seats in the terrace box, last 10 rows, has a completely obstructed view of everything except the playing field. We had heard how wonderful the new scoreboard is.

Guess what? We cannot see it.

Barbara J. Brennan

Bel Air

Predicting a pennant

The Orioles are off to a magnificent start. They have all of the cylinders working. The pitchers have limited opposing hitters to three runs or less. The hitters have come through with the big hits with runners on base. And the players have made spectacular defensive plays to halt rallies against opposing teams.

Put all this together in a crystal ball and the future says the Orioles may contend for the AL East title.

Gregory Foreman


Nagging Davis about injury

In a letter I wrote to you in January, I made this statement: By the first week of the 1992 season, a certain Orioles player would come up with an injury. Just as I predicted, Glenn Davis was

injured, and he will nurse this injury for as long as he can. We surely have not missed him, for the team is in first place. He is a terrible fielding first baseman, and he will be lucky if he hits 15 home runs.

He was damaged goods when we gave up some good young players for him. He has not meant anything to this team. He is

not a team player, he is for Glenn Davis only.

Whitey Morris

Bel Air

New park has flaws

Having attended the 15-1 shellacking the Orioles gave Seattle on May 1, I had trouble scoring the game due to scoreboard inadequacies.

At Memorial Stadium and at other baseball parks, I've noticed the scoreboards listed a player's home runs, balks, passed balls, and who a particular error is scored against. But not at Camden Yards. Could the powers that be right this wrong?

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

More than a pretty face

I am writing this letter in response to the article on Brady Anderson in The Evening Sun on Thursday, May 7, specifically this small paragraph: "Anderson said the fans cheer him, but not like they do with Devo in center. I get a few little golf claps once in a while."

When I read this article, I was thoroughly upset. I don't think Brady realizes how many fans he has. Some of his fans like him only because he is good-looking. These aren't his only fans, though. For two years I have been a faithful fan of Brady Anderson's, partially because I think that he is good-looking. The other part is because I knew that deep down Brady would be an awesome ballplayer.

If he thinks he only gets "a few little golf claps," I don't think he has been looking close enough. Brady, all you have to do is look a little farther in the left-field area and you will see some of your most devoted fans. Good luck this season.

Alethea L. Kirk


Orioles define chutzpah

Mike Littwin's column (May 3) was right on target. The Orioles' claim that they were too confused by their move to Camden Yards to pay the rent due on Memorial Stadium gives new meaning to "chutzpah."

& What unmitigated gall.

Jack Meckler


Lemieux gets royal treatment

With the inevitable decline of Wayne Gretzky's career and the limbo status of Eric Lindros, the NHL is left with but one superstar: Mario Lemieux. To protect his highness, the Pittsburgh Penguins require he play only token defense. This, of course, is up to their coaching staff. However, the royal treatment accorded Mr. Lemieux by the NHL referees is a travesty. It is no wonder the Rangers' Adam Graves was reduced to slashing. Any chance David Poile might acquire Mr. Graves for the Capitals next season? Just curious.

Rob McCracken


Backing the Blast

I am writing in response to Russell Voight's letter in The Sun (May 3), in which he rudely stated that Ed Hale broke even in the Mediocre Soccer League, with mediocre soccer players and finished with a less-than-mediocre record.

First, it is the Major Soccer League because every team has very loyal fans that support them through good and bad. I am one.

Second, Baltimore has had very good teams in the past, but this year it was an excellent team.

And last but not least, Kenny Cooper does not cry to the referees. There were instances in which the refs did not call a fair game, and Kenny was just pointing it out.

Becky Reding


Blasting the MSL

I would like to respond to two letters in The Sun of April 26.

First, to the lady who lamented Blast coverage: Any league that has to have the word "Major" in its name is not a major league. Coverage of the Blast has been more than generous.

Two of George Schruefer's opinions on the Oriole Park opener are a mixed bag. I also didn't agree with the selection of organizations for the national anthem, but I have to agree with the choice of President Bush to throw out the first ball.

Schruefer's comment on Brooks Robinson's performance on Orioles broadcasts is right on the money. Brooks was a great third baseman and is a fine person. However, he hasn't kept pace with the game or the Orioles since he stopped playing and therefore is out of touch, even more so now that he makes his home in California.

Chuck Frainie


Who is this guy?

Who is this George Schruefer who writes about Brooks Robinson ruining an Orioles game? Brooks Robinson was and is Orioles baseball. Schruefer can't be an Orioles fan, but possibly a dislocated Yankees fan. As a lifetime Orioles fan who never got to see Brooks play enough, because I am 350 miles away, I would have loved to have taken his place in Maryland to see Brooks when he was the vacuum cleaner at third and also today as a sportscaster.

Tom Hammill

Rochester, N.Y.

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