From The Sun May 17-23, 1842MAY 20:...


From The Sun May 17-23, 1842

MAY 20: The Defenders of Baltimore -- The survivors of the gallant band who volunteered for the defence of Baltimore in 1814 will visit the encampment to-day in conformity with an invitation from Major General G. H. Steuart.

MAY 23: Fashion -- Gentlemen in Philadelphia now wear pantaloons to fit tight at the ankle, with buttons on the side. This is the spring fashion.

From The Sun May 17-23, 1892

MAY 18: A frightened horse swimming around in the river at the foot of Cross Street attracted a large number of spectators yesterday, most of whom occupied their time offering suggestions to a man in a row boat for the best way of getting the animal out.

MAY 23: The new printing presses of The Sun are finished and in working order. Today's paper was printed upon them. They are considered the best presses in the world.

From The Sun May 17-23, 1942

MAY 17: Completely bewildered by business prospects, resulting from the rationing of gasoline, operators and proprietors of road houses, rural restaurants and night clubs are waiting patiently for Memorial Day, May 30, to be the barometer of what they may expect during the summer months.

MAY 21: The prejudice of otherwise intelligent women against working in factories must be broken down if Baltimore is to avoid importing the 10,000 women it needs in war industries, Dr. L. B. Fringer, head of the United States Employment Service in Maryland, said yesterday.

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