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A GALLOPING SUCCESSEditor: I want to thank...



Editor: I want to thank you and Mr. Tom Keyser for the wonderful article on the Baltimore mounted police ["Urban Cowboys," March 22]. It was reassuring to know that Baltimore places such a value on them and I hope they always will.

. . . As I said over the phone there are two mistakes in the article. [First], the horse is always referred to as the mount, not the rider. [Second], the Tennessee Walker and Quarter Horse are specific breeds and therefore should be capitalized. Both those breeds, by the way, were developed in early America. The Tennessee Walker, by oldtime Southern plantation owners, who spent long hours in the saddle every day and needed strongly built, smooth gaited horses that would be comfortable to sit on while they rode around their farms. The Quarter Horse was developed, I think, as a very fast quarter-mile sprinter and also was used, and still is, to work cattle in the west.

Again, thank you for the article. . . . when I am in Baltimore again, I'll know that even if I don't actually see one, the Baltimore mounted policemen and women are still out there making the streets safe for one and all.

Eve M. Arensberg


Editor: What a surprise to see Mike, the retired police horse in your Sunday, March 22, article "Urban Cowboys."

Perhaps you would be interested to know that Mike now roams on my son's 5 acres in the horse country of Spotsylvania, Va., accompanied by his newfound friend April, an Appaloosa. His sprightly behavior indicates that he is enjoying retirement.

Mike is being lovingly cared for by my granddaughters, Emily (14) and Megan (12). They were most enthusiastic when my telephone call told them of Mike's appearance in the Sun Magazine.

Eva B. Young


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