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Support commissionFrom: Phyllis B. TrickettChairwomanMd. Commission for...


Support commission

From: Phyllis B. Trickett


Md. Commission for Women

On behalf of the Maryland Commission for Women, I am writing to you at this time to discuss concerns over the proposed elimination of the position of executive director for the Anne Arundel County Commission for Women.

Commissions for Women play a vital role throughout the state of Maryland. The Anne Arundel County Commission for Women is locally and nationally recognized as a community leader.

Through the commissions' many advocacy and education efforts, the Anne Arundel County Commission for Women, particularly under the direction of Jean Melton, has coordinated numerous educational programs to link Anne Arundel County women to the resources they have needed to address both minor and major concerns.

She has facilitated public forums on specific critical issues affecting the county. In so doing, she has provided opportunities for open discussion of problems and problem solving.

As executive director, Ms. Melton has guided the Commission for Women to fulfilling the nationally adopted mission of all such organizations, which is to be the voice for women in government. Her accomplishments and those of the commission represent the commitment of county government to promoting the status of county women.

Historically, her work and the work of the many Anne Arundel residents who have volunteered their time as commissioners has had the further effect of promoting the status of all county residents, regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, education, marital status, economic position or condition.

Moreover, the proof of the effectiveness of such efforts is evident in the growth of much needed community-based programs, such as eduction and employment training agencies, economic development initiatives and domestic violence and rape crisis shelters.

The Maryland Commission for Women strongly urges your support for maintaining the current staffing and fiscal support of the Anne Arundel County Commission for Women. Ms. Melton and the commission are true assets to county government and the citizens of Anne Arundel County.

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