Loch Raven, 1979Our eyes are red to...


Loch Raven, 1979

Our eyes are red to the old Kodak

as our skin glows against

the summer night.

My brother and I are

balancing on a thick wooly tree,

the jagged breaks to the left

of our Keds.

Mom and Dad tell us to look at

the power of a storm,

the trees snapped last week

as easily as our dog's teeth

pounces on scraps.

We scuttle over the trees,

our tight skin pulled over bones,

our young lives vulnerable and


over the dead sharp branches. CNN's zoom lens:

brings focus to

the presidential candidate

and his alleged marital infidelity

making him as confident as

Jesus entering Jerusalem:

his campaign gaining support

in cities where voters

do not have to worry about

public opinion polls:

when they sleep with strangers

Mel Tansill

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