Heroes honored for actions Emergency workers receive awards


Three Baltimore firefighters who rescued a baby from a burning rowhouse last month were honored for their heroism yesterday by the state's emergency medical system.

Firefighters William Raab, Dan Stallings and Daryl Williams were among more than 30 individuals and organizations that were recognized by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS), which runs the Maryland Shock Trauma Center and coordinates emergency medical services throughout the state.

Those honored included two paramedics from Calvert County who extricated a motorist from the wreckage of a car, a state trooper from Allegany County who revived a man who had stopped breathing, and the Baltimore County Fire Department team that rescued a plumber who was buried alive when a ditch caved in.

Though they and others honored yesterday were doing their jobs when they saved lives, "we want you to know that we do not take you for granted," Dr. Kimball I. Maull, the MIEMSS director, told the group.

The list of honorees also included one 5-year-old civilian: Aaron F. Kelly of Funkstown in Washington County got an award for calling 911 to summon help after his mother fell down a flight of stairs and was knocked unconscious.

The three city firefighters accepted their plaques with modesty, insisting the awards really belonged to each of the more than two dozen fire department staffers who helped put out the blaze that threatened the life of 5-month-old Sean M. Rager.

After the ceremony, the three men recalled the scene that confronted them when they arrived at the burning rowhouse, in the 200 block of South Payson St., shortly after 8 a.m. April 8.

A man covered with soot was shouting hysterically that a baby was trapped inside.

Mr. Williams, 23, who had been with the fire department less than a year, was sent into the burning building to try to douse the flames that blocked the path to the baby's room.

Just behind him, Mr. Raab, 25, and Mr. Stallings, 21, waited for their opportunity to plunge into the smoke-filled nursery to try to find the child.

The black smoke made the room so dark "it was like being in a closet with the door closed," Mr. Raab recalled.

He and his partner groped in the darkness until Mr. Raab felt what seemed to be a crib, reached inside and found the unconscious infant.

Recipients of EMS awards


NAME: Lt. Neal E. Abrams,EMS

COUNTY: Montgomery

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Longtime service to EMS and commitment of his time and skills to Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department

NAME: Robert T. Adkins, MD


CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Years of Service as region medical director

NAME: Stephen Ager EMT

COUNTY: Prince George's

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Coordinated CPR Awareness Days in P.G. County

NAME: Richard Alcorta, MD, FACEP


CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Leadership and advancement of EMS

NAME: Tfc Jeffrey Barber

COUNTY: Allegany

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Gave life-saving CPR to motorist

NAME: Doris M. Beal, EMT

COUNTY: Garrett

CATEGORY: Distinguished service

REASON: Raising money to provide hepatitis-B vaccine free to members of Northern Garrett County Rescue Squad

NAME: Marc Bramble,

NAME: John Barto


CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Support in developing ALS on the Mid-Eastern Shore (Queen Anne, Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester counties

NAME: W. Newton Carey Jr.

COUNTY: Worcester

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

CATEGORY: Extricated woman from burning auto

NAME: Vinson S. Dieterich, EMT

COUNTY: Washington

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Saved the life of a pedestrian struck by a train

NAME: Tfc Charles Eisele, EMT-P,

NAME: James J. Shields III, EMT-P,

NAME: FF Patricia L. Powell, EMT-P

COUNTY: Prince George's

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Saved the life of a woman with tension pneumothorax

(buildup of pressure in the chest)

NAME: Sgt. Denise S. Fox, EMT-P

COUNTY: Montgomery

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: For special sensitivity, compassion and dedication to excellence in prehospital care

NAME: James Frankenberry, EMT

COUNTY: Allegany

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: 15 years service to Mount Savage Volunteer Fire Department

NAME: Patrick F. Hassler, EMT;

NAME: Michael L. Sharpe, EMT-P

COUNTY: Calvert

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Extricated man pinned in a vehicle lying in a pool of gasoline

NAME: Aaron F. Kelly

COUNTY: Washington

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: 5-year-old who dialed 911 when his pregnant mother fell head-first down the stairs and was unconscious

NAME: William Neal Jr., NREMT-P

COUNTY: Baltimore

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Advancement of EMS in Maryland, especially in training EMS personnel at Essex Community College

NAME: Micheal S. Pavero, CRT;

NAME: Russell Hurley Sr.

COUNTY: Dorchester

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Rescued man who was caught in an augur for three days inside a silo NAME: FF William Raab, EMT;

NAME: FF Daryl Williams, EMT;

NAME: FF Dan Stallings, EMT

COUNTY: Baltimore City

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Rescued an infant from a rowhouse fire

NAME: Baltimore County Fire Department

COUNTY: Baltimore County

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Rescued a man buried in a trench cave-in

NAME: Engine Company 461;

NAME: Rescue Squads 8 & 20;

NAME: Medic 10;

NAME: Ambulance 59;

NAME: Prince George's County Fire Department

COUNTY: Prince George's

CATEGORY: Certificate of Honor

REASON: Rescued a woman and child trapped in a car crushed by a dump truck NAME: Frederick County ALS

COUNTY: Frederick

CATEGORY: Distinguished Service

REASON: Providing a decade of ALS service

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