Taneytown may get more for its money


TANEYTOWN -- Residents here stand to receive more city services for their tax dollars next year under a proposed $1.58 million spending plan for fiscal 1993, which begins July 1.

Denike, the newest council member, expressed concerns that

the city would not collect projected revenues -- about $137,000 -- by the end of the current fiscal year, June 30. Without that money, he said, the city would be hard-pressed to pay for the refuse contract early in the next fiscal year.

But Linda M. Hess, city clerk treasurer, said she expected to be able to collect the money. The projected figures have come from state and county officials, she said.

The council will have a public hearing June 8 on the spending plan, which is $177,000 more than the current $1.41 million budget. The council is expected to take action on the budget following the hearing.

The budget covers two funds that are separate from the $944,700 general operating budget: a $598,000 utility fund, for water and sewer service, and a $45,500 pool fund. The revenue (( for those is generated by water-sewer and pool-use fees.

Included in the proposed spending plan is a 3 percent pay raise for the city's 12 full-time and six part-time workers, who include police officers and public works employees.

Some of the city's major sources of revenue are: local taxes, $440,767; the state, including income tax and highway user dollars, $211,450; county, including building permits, $196,751; and other funds, including parking meters and a franchise fee collected on cable television, $95,732.

Major expenditures are: administration, including salaries and attorney fees, $358,690; public safety, excluding police salaries but including gas, training and administration, $44,500; and public works, $317,884.

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