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ABC, MTV harmonize on 'Full House'



* Here's an interesting crossover at a time when the broadcast network share of viewers is threatened by cable competition.

The ABC series' "Full House" arrives at its season finale tonight lTC at 8 on WJZ (Channel 13) with an episode in which cable's MTV network plays prominently.

In the final part of a two-part sequence (which last week featured Beach Boys Mike Love and Bruce Johnson), rock star wannabe Jesse (John Stamos) is disappointed when his record deal collapses.

But the hot dance video wins a premiere on the rock video service.

* Remember the Borg? The telepathically linked race captured Capt. Picard (Patrick Stewart) in an interesting earlier sequence of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

In tonight's episode, at 8 o'clock on WBFF (Channel 45), the captain must wrestle with an ethical question when the Enterprise rescues a Borg from space and Geordi (Levar Burton) thinks he can reprogram the being's brain.

But given the sacred Prime Directive of Starfleet, should they attack the warlike race in that manner?

* ESPN's captivating live coverage of the America's Cup yacht racing event in San Diego resumes at 3 p.m. today with race three, as Italy's Il Moro di Venezia and the U.S. boat America3 ("America cubed") stand tied 1-1 in the best of seven series. A half-hour summary special, "America's Cup '92," is also scheduled for 9 tonight.

You cannot get much closer to being part of a sporting event than watching the cable sports network's production, highlighted by technical feats and knowledgeable commentary from principal host Jim Kelly and mates Gary Jobson (of Annapolis) and Peter Isler.

Viewers really seem to be taken aboard the big new (75-foot) America's Cup Class vessels, thanks to cameras tracking the races from chase boats, helicopters and even from aboard each yacht.

The "yacht cams," mounted near the base of the mast of each vessel, include four lipstick-sized cameras offering shots ranging from wide angle to telephoto. The units can pan and tilt to show views not only of action on board, but even of the competing boat when it is nearby.

Microphones have allowed viewers to eavesdrop on tactical conversations, and they also convey the routine sounds of sailing, including the creak of equipment and the rush of waves past the hulls.

Computer animation, including direct readings of each boat's speed from its own instruments, also helps define the tactics.

The TV race schedule includes 3 p.m. live coverage (until one boat has won four races) on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and next Tuesday.

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