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3 prisoners beat officer at city jail Incident is second at jail in four days.


A correctional officer at the Baltimore City Detention Center was beaten by three prisoners yesterday during the second inmate uprising at the jail in four days, state correctional officials reported.

The officer, Steven McCoy, was treated for minor cuts of the face and remained off duty, said LaMont W. Flanagan, commissioner for the Division of Detention and Pretrial Services.

Friday night, a group of inmates set fire to mattresses and attacked their guards in a segregated area.

Mr. Flanagan said yesterday's incident occurred at 1 p.m. on the second floor of the north building, as some of the institution's 2,900 inmates were headed for lunch.

The three inmates attacked Officer McCoy when he stopped to chastise one of them for using a telephone and impeding the movement of other prisoners going toward the lunch hall, Mr. Flanagan said.

About 10 correctional officers -- summoned by walkie-talkies -- were able to restore order, Mr. Flanagan said.

Three inmates have been placed in segregation and face possible administrative and criminal charges, Mr. Flanagan said.

Ten inmates have been singled out for allegedly setting mattress fires and attacking correctional officers in the institution's segregation unit during the disturbance Friday, Mr. Flanagan said.

Officials said eight officers and four inmates were injured.

State and city police surrounded the perimeter of the institution in the 500 block of E. Madison St., but none was called inside the facility.

Despite the two incidents, Mr. Flanagan said, security and management at the detention center have improved since the state took over the facility from the city last year.

Mr. Flanagan said U.S. Senior Judge Frank A. Kaufman, who has been keeping watch on the overcrowded inmate population at the detention center, recently sent a letter lauding the state for the improvements at the institution.

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