Daly, girlfriend get it settled


MACON, Ga. (AP) -- Long-hitting John Daly, winner of last year's PGA championship, has married his girlfriend, who had sued him for palimony, her attorney said.

Daly, 25, married Bettye Fulford, 39, on Friday at a private ceremony in Arkansas, Macon attorney Carl Reynolds said.

"It's a wonderful end to all of their much-publicized personal problems, precipitated not as much by their own doing as by the manipulations by those around them," Reynolds said.

While Daly was in Augusta for The Masters tournament, the two got together and hammered out their differences, Reynolds said.

Fulford had filed a palimony lawsuit against Daly in Tennessee and then refiled it in early April in Bibb Superior Court in Macon. The papers were served to Daly in Augusta during Masters week.

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