REMOTE CONTROL Fax program offers access to computer


Why would you fax a blank sheet of paper to your computer? Because it activates PaperWorks, a new and novel program from Xerox Corp. that allows you to control your computer from a standard fax.

PaperWorks allows you to retrieve, distribute, file and organize documents stored in your computer simply by faxing it sheets of paper. The computer must be running Microsoft Windows and must be equipped with a fax modem.

Ordinary modems allow computers to send information to other computers via ordinary telephone lines. Fax modems have the additional capability of sending and receiving faxes. Computer documents and graphics can be sentdirectly from the computer to a fax machine. PaperWorks takes advantage of this direct faxing capability to let you control your computer from a remote location.

Let's say you need to send a letter stored in your office computer. The problem is that you are not at your office. But you do have access to a fax machine.

You start by faxing your computer a blank page. This tells PaperWorks that you need a special PaperWorks form, and it automatically faxes one back to your location. The form contains preset selections, such as who will receive the information.

Selections are made by marking an "X" in the desired fields on the form. After checking off those items, fax the form back to your computer. PaperWorks interprets the marks and acts accordingly.

Given the ubiquitous nature of fax machines, PaperWorks allows you to control your computer from anywhere without having to lug around a portable computer. PaperWorks is for IBM and compatible computers, requires Microsoft Windows 3.0 or higher and a fax modem, and sells for $249.95. Make sure the fax modem you use is supported by PaperWorks.

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