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Lock of Byron's hair will be auctionedA...


Lock of Byron's hair will be auctioned

A lock of hair from the English 19th-century Romantic poet Lord Byron is expected to fetch up to $890 when it is sold at auction next month, London auctioneer Bonhams said yesterday. It said the 5-inch twist of brown hair, tied in a loop with a green silk thread and framed in a silk-lined case, will be sold June 22.

Byron, a bisexual, gave the memento to a fellow school pupil, John Fitzgibbon, for whom he had developed an idealized love, Bonhams said. It did not say who was selling the item.

Butler-bodyguards in demand since riots

The recent riots in Los Angeles boosted demand for butlers who double as bodyguards, according to a British school that trains them. The Ivor Spencer School for Butlers said yesterday it had placed six of its graduates in the United States since the riots erupted April 29, compared with only eight over the past two years. "People there are very scared; they don't think [the riots] will stop," said Ivor Spencer, the school's principal.

'Bad Oprah' would eat everything possible

If she could be bad for just one day with no consequences, Oprah Winfrey said she would "eat everything humanly possible." The actress, producer and talk-show host's weight has made news for years. Her syndicated show, "The Oprah Winfrey Show," scored its highest ratings in November 1988 when she turned up slim in tight blue jeans.

"After the diet show, I'd go to a restaurant and you could hear people become silent . . . watching me," Ms. Winfrey told an interviewer in this week's TV Guide. "I could see them whispering to each other about what I was eating."

Daly stunned by CBS picking Midler for Rose

Tyne Daly, who won a Tony award for her performance as Mama Rose in the Broadway hit revival of "Gypsy," said CBS' decision to cast Bette Midler in the musical's TV version caught her by surprise. "I feel like I've been punched in the face," she said in the current issue of TV Guide. "I read about the decision in the papers like everybody else," she said. "Midler is a great power and a great entity, but there's a bigger and larger power moderating here and it's called money."

Rosa Parks honored by Michigan educators

Rosa Parks, whose courage on an Alabama bus encouraged the modern civil rights movement that ended legal segregation and discrimination, was honored by Michigan educators for her contributions to human rights.

Ms. Parks, 79, received the Michigan Federation of Teachers' Walter A. Bergman Award, named for the union's first president. Mr. Bergman's participation in a 1961 freedom ride in the South ** ended in a beating by Ku Klux Klansmen.

Phillips gets big perks to appear on 'Geraldo'

Julia Phillips, author of "You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again," the damning autobiographical tome about depraved Hollywood, wouldn't participate in just any old afternoon television talk show.

But "Geraldo"? That was the exception. The show's producers acceded to Ms. Phillips' demands for two round-trip first-class airline tickets from Los Angeles to New York (for Ms. Phillips and her assistant), the Ivana Trump suite at the Plaza and a car.

Kuralt, Schwarzkopf examine the generals

CBS' Charles Kuralt and former Army Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, the commander of allied forces in the Persian Gulf war, will team up for "The Year of the Generals," the second in a series of CBS News specials on the 50th anniversary of World War II.

The two-hour "Generals" will air at 9 p.m. June 4, 50 years to the day after the Battle of Midway.


Actor-comedian Foster Brooks is 80. Actor Denver Pyle is 72. Comedian Mort Sahl is 65.

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