From The Sun May 10-16, 1842MAY 10:...


From The Sun May 10-16, 1842

MAY 10: The income tax law appears to be very unpopular throughout the State. We have seen in several of the county papers condemnatory notices of it. It will not be carried into effect without litigation.

MAY 11: During the year 1841, patents were issued for no less than twelve different stoves for cooking, besides four parlor and two air tight stoves: every one of course superior to the other! Who says there is nothing new under the sun?

From The Sun May 10-16, 1892

MAY 10: Cincinnati -- Hanlon assumed his duties as manager of the Orioles today, and Mr. Waltz gave up the position he has held since the club started on its Western trip. The formal change was made in President von der Horst's room at the Gibson House.

MAY 13: A magnificent gold tea-service presented by the Czar and Czarina of Russia to Capt. John Findlay, of the Atlantic Transport liner Missouri, was received in Baltimore last night and will be put on exhibition.

From The Sun May 10-16, 1942

MAY 11: That vanishing American, the Sunday driver, returned in strength to the highways of the State yesterday for one last fling before giving way to the pressure of gasoline rationing.

MAY 12: Funeral services will be held tomorrow for George M. Shriver, senior vice-president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and an outstanding expert in railroad finance, who died suddenly yesterday at the Union Memorial Hospital. He was 74.

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