A Crossword Fit For a King


Dear Elvis:

Thank you for agreeing to appear on our cover this Sunday morning to herald the return of the Sun Magazine crossword puzzle, which has been missing in action for a few years. There was a lot of crying in the chapel when the puzzle disappeared -- folks were all shook up.

But -- bless my soul! -- a stack of puzzles (marked "Return to Sender") mysteriously surfaced at Sun Magazine, and we figured it's now or never. Beginning today -- and maybe till the end of time -- the crossword will replace the Mind Games puzzle. Now, nobody will be lonesome tonight because they can work the puzzle in bed.

Sure, there will be readers out there with suspicious minds who will claim that you aren't the real Elvis, just as there are those who want department store Santas to provide three forms of I.D. To them I say: Don't be cruel.

Once again, E., thank you. Thank you very much. You're our good luck charm.

P.S. Just kidding about that line on the cover. Nothing could ever be bigger than the King.

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