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To coaches


Today, the youth of America

And those of foreign land,

Have much in common, generally,

For which they proudly stand.

The Little Leagues of yesterday,

Along with those of today,

The High School teams, the College teams

How they all so love to play!

But where would any one of them be

In this world of sin and vice,

If it were not for men of valor

Who gamble on youths, not dice.

I speak of men, who are true men,

Who give of their love and time

To mold the tender characters

Of young athletes in their prime.

Of course, I speak of COACHES

From Little League to College,

Without them, I say, "sports today,

Would be very low on mileage."

So hail the COACHES, one and all,

For they deserve applause

To them, "Olympic Flames" should burn

Why? Well, just because.

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