Alcohol is accident factorJared Golden, 15, apparently...


Alcohol is accident factor

Jared Golden, 15, apparently was drinking March 28 when he was struck by a car and killed while riding his bicycle home.

The state medical examiner told state police that Jared's blood-alcohol level at the time of his death was 0.07 percent -- 0.03 percent below Maryland's legal definition of intoxication.

The liquor was purchased by Jared's cousin, John M. Moon, 22, of Frostburg in Allegany County, police said.

Moon, police say, took three teen-agers to the Westminster Village shopping center with him that morning, bought the liquor and dropped it off at the barn shortly after noon. About 2:15 p.m., Jared and four friends went to the barn and drank the liquor.

The party broke up at about 4:50 p.m. Jared and two of his friends got on their bikes and headed north on Snydersburg Road, police said.

Donald Keeney Jr., 17, told police that as he drove up Snydersburg Road, he saw Jared on his bike weaving back and forth on the road.

The motorist told police he tried to avoid hitting Jared, but said that just as he came abreast of him, the cyclist turned toward his car, and he could not avoid the accident.

Moon is charged with obtaining alcoholic beverages for minors. The teen-agers are charged with possession of alcohol.

John Golden said he and his wife never suspected Jared was interested in drinking.

"All the religious teaching isn't going to make a difference when they go out that door," the father said.

He noted that there is a lot a peer pressure on teens to drink. Jared, he said, was popular and participated in a number of sports, but may have felt that drinking was necessary to maintain his popularity.

"Anybody growing up these days is under tremendous pressure to drink," Golden remarked. "There are advertisements on television saying how glamorous drinking is. You can't be popular, handsome, sports-minded, or anything these days without drinking."

Golden said he would like to see ads for alcoholic beverages prohibited on television.

Please report crime tips to these hot lines: 857-TIPS (drugs) an(state police). All calls are confidential, and you do not have to give your name.

Here is a compilation of some of the crimes reported to local and state police:

Buckhorn Road: Westminster police arrested Michael A. Martin, 34, and charged him with driving while intoxicated on May 1.

Mount Airy

Leafy Hollow Circle: State police report that a Bobcat front loader and a trailer were stolen from a construction site on April 29.

Silver Run

Humbert Schoolhouse Road: State police arrested David K. Davis, 31, and charged him with possession of drugs, possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of drug paraphernalia. They also arrested Sara L. Davis, 30, and charged her with possession of drugs on May 7.

Union Bridge

North Main Street: Maryland State Police said RNTX Corp. reported that someone broke into a train caboose through a window and stole some tools between Dec. 22 and March 22.


Geeting Road: Westminster police arrested William A. Stewart, 30, and charged him with one count of theft on May 4.

West Green Street: Westminster police said that Howard M. Otto reported that someone removed a two-gallon gas can, worth $12, from the front of his house on May 6.

140 Village Shopping Center: Westminster police arrested Daniel Joseph John Hamm, 18, of South Court Street, and charged him with assault and battery on May 6.

Union Street: Westminster police said that Brenda S. Miller reported that someone who tried to break into her house caused $40 in damage on May 7.

Robins Way: Westminster police said that David G. Kleb reported that someone removed a 1993 Suzuki moped, worth $500, from his house on May 7.


Here is a compilation of the fire and rescue calls to thEmergency Operations Center:

May 3

12:21 a.m., Westminster responded to a Dumpster fire on Gorsuch Road.

10:23 a.m., Gamber and Reese responded to a woods fire on Blizzard Lane.

1:38 p.m., Sykesville, Liberty Road and Gamber responded to a woods fire on Harvest Farm Road.

2:31 p.m., Lineboro responded to a brush fire on Carroll Warehime Road.

2:40 p.m., Westminster responded to a mulch fire on Jermor Lane.

3:51 p.m., Westminster and Reese responded to a fire alarm on Distillery Drive.

May 4

1:07 a.m., Westminster responded to a trash fire on Route 27.

1:56 a.m., Westminster responded to a car fire on Lucabaugh Mill Road.

11:28 a.m., Mount Airy assisted New Market on a building fire.

4:10 p.m., Westminster responded to a trash fire on Johahn Drive.

May 5

2:07 p.m., Westminster responded to a woods fire on Naugahyde Road.

L 3:19 p.m., Manchester investigated a building on Beggs Road.

9:57 p.m., Sykesville responded to a wash detail on Bartholow Road.

May 6

8:07 a.m., Sykesville and Liberty Road responded to an electrical pole fire on Oak Hill Drive.

9:35 a.m., Taneytown responded to a Dumpster fire on Allendale Lane.

5:28 p.m., Gamber, Reese and Reisterstown responded to a dryer fire on Gracie Drive.

5:32 p.m., Reese and Westminster responded to a fire alarm on Suffolk Road.

6:55 p.m., Sykesville and West Friendship responded to a stove fire on Village Road.

May 7

1:39 a.m., Hampstead assisted Baltimore County on a house fire on Trenton Road.

6:33 a.m., Gamber responded to an automobile fire on Bartholow Road.

8:17 p.m., Hampstead, Manchester and Arcadia responded to a chimney fire on Allview Drive.

May 8

10:21 a.m., Taneytown responded to a wash detail on East Baltimore Street.

10:52 a.m., Winfield responded to an automatic fire alarm on Streaker Road.

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