Mayor to give away mom on Mother's Day


LOYALTON, PA -- Most children don't give their mothers away on Mother's Day, but Sykesville Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr. is doing just that.

Helt's mother, 79-year-old Mae C. Helt, is marrying retired Methodist minister Sterling Fake, 75, and Hizzoner is escorting the bride to the altar.

"It's kind of awesome doing this for my mother," said Helt, 43. "But I'm really excited about it. Back in January, when Pastor Fake became Sterling, I figured something was afoot."

Mae Helt has been widowed since 1970, and Lloyd Helt said he was glad his mother found a companion like Fake to share her life.

"They have a lot in common; they're old friends," he said.

Besides giving away the bride, Lloyd Helt will give the blessing, xTC read a poem and make a toast at a reception afterward.

The mayor's stepdaughter, Martha, will serve as a flower girl.

The Rev. Glen Matter, a family friend, will perform the ceremony. The mayor's brother, Peter Helt, a minister, will give the blessing.

Mae Helt is being married at Immanuel United Methodist Church, where her three daughters -- Christa, Bette and Virginia -- were married, Lloyd Helt said.

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