From junk jewelry to treasured brooch for Mom


Nothing pleases Mom more than being remembered on Mother's Day with a gift from the heart. Here's a fun jewelry-making project from old junk jewelry. Once the kids get started, plan on making a designer's collection to give to grandmothers, aunts and other special women your children remember on Mother's Day.

Cover a worktable with newspaper, and gather the following items: junk jewelry, pliers, scissors, cardboard, velvet or solid-color fabric scraps, glue and jewelry clasps.

Begin the project by assisting school-age children in taking apart the jewelry with pliers. For example, take petals off of a flower pin, rhinestones from a bracelet or beads from a necklace. Avoid using any sharp pieces.

To make the base of the brooch, cut out the cardboard in a desired shape such as a heart, triangle or circle approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. Cover the cardboard with fabric, gluing raw edges of the fabric to the back side of the cardboard.

Decorate the brooch with bits and pieces of the junk jewelry. Add buttons and beads, if you have them.

When complete, set the brooch aside to allow the glue to dry. Tape or glue the clasp (a safety pin will also work) to the back of the brooch.

(Note: Due to small parts, this project is not appropriate for young children.)

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