THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

The Big Bang Theory, a revealed truth...


The Big Bang Theory, a revealed truth for cosmologists, has now been confirmed. So say the cosmologists, who think they've found their Holy Grail. Us laypeople, who are supposed to have great difficulty accepting the Big Bang, actually have no trouble wrapping our minds around it at all. What really gives us trouble, however, is the time before the big pop-off. What made the Big Particle that blew up to become the universe as we know it?

The super-particle, which contained all the matter that now orbits the sun, fills the galaxy and populates the star charts, was so unstable, the scientists say, that it could only exist for an infinitesimal time. Believe it, even though some cosmologists have spent decades analyzing the trillionths-of-a-second events occurring between its microexistence and its energetic rearrangement of the neighborhood.

Getting back to the subject, what we find difficult is the part no one talks about: What was there before this super-progenitor got mashed into its unstable existence in the first place? Surely, to have a super-particle, you had to have conditions which could make one. Where did it come from, what was it made of, what made it?

Religionists might ask "Who" made it. The steady-state faction among the cosmologist crowd note that the "cold, dark matter" predicted by another branch of the theory has not yet been confirmed. But without it, the cyclic universe that some scientists say expands and then contracts to create another super-particle, and thus another Big Bang, cannot come into being. Unless, of course, a supernatural Being had something to do with it.

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