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The social horrors we are witnessing in Los Angeles and elsewhere reflect more than racial discord and more than public reactions to oppression or injustice. In fact, the social, economic and environmental chaos evident throughout the world is a result of global overpopulation pure and simple -- and it's going to get a lot worse in decades ahead.

It's easy to blame a government or a political party, or a race of people, but the fact is, there are just too many humans; the demands of huge populations for food, health, space and physical and emotional security have far outpaced the ability of governments to manage and of our planet to provide.

The earth and the oceans are polluted, our resources are dwindling, large cities are unmanageable and many people have no chance whatever for life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. One way or another, we are going to have to face up to the issue of population controls. Hopefully, this can be accomplished without more oppression and killing.

Jim Ryland


Just Conduct

David Zinman's touchy-feely carry-over of Saturday morning Casual Concerts to evening concerts is fine.

Just let me know ahead of time when he's on, so I can change my tickets.

I go to the symphony because I want to hear the music, not a pale imitation of David Letterman.

John F. Kelly


Love and Respect Life

As a society we owe it to our children to overcome the problems plaguing our community. Peaceful coexistence can only be achieved through understanding.

We cannot beat hate with hate.

We cannot overcome racism with racism.

We can only fight hate with love.

We will overcome racism only with education and hope.

The value of human life has decreased so much in the past decade that we have no regard for our neighbors.

If we don't teach our children to love and respect life, we will never be able to bury the wrongs of our past.

ichael Francis



"A developer wants to clear the trees and build." (The Sun, April 27).

Whenever I read a statement like this I feel the nausea coming on. And here's why. I was raised in a home built with respect for the trees that graced the small lot my parents chose for their house. There were, and still are, five large oak trees on their 70-by-175-foot lot, the house built among them.

My parents and many of their neighbors managed to have houses built and still keep established trees in their neighborhood. So in the battle of developers and builders vs. trees (and foxes) my sympathies will always be with the trees until the developers start showing a lot more sensitivity with respect to the widespread and far-reaching disruption they cause to the environment.

Mary E. Chetelat


Oriole Rent

Actually, this letter should be addressed to Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, who is guilty of gross malfeasance by his allowing the Baltimore Orioles to delay further the rent due on Memorial Stadium. Who do they think they are?

I am a baseball fan and an Oriole fan, but I am thoroughly outraged at the absurd argument that because of the confusion involved in the move to Camden Yards, they are unable to pay the rent owed to the city.

We have bent over backward to accommodate this organization, and there is no question that they are a tremendous asset to the city, but how far do we go? This is my tax dollar that they and the mayor are playing with.

Is there to be a penalty imposed? There certainly would be if it was my rent due. Does the mayor think we are idiots?

The city and state are broke -- as in no money for essential services, we are told -- but for some stupid reason we can afford to wait until this very wealthy organization gets its books in order fefore a legitimate bill is paid.

To accept the argument that the Orioles still need to reconcile their 1991 expenditures (or whatever the argument may be) is beyond belief. Rental costs, I thought, were a function of gross receipts for the 1991 season which has been over since last October.

This is one of the most successful franchises in all of major league sports and they did not get that way by being fiscally imprudent (which is to say they know exactly how much they must take in and how much they must pay out).

On the other hand, Baltimore is now broke because there is no prudent fiscal management. And this is unquestionably another example of how our elected officials don't really care about how our tax dollars are used or misused.

I think that I will ask for some consideration on my tax bill in July because things are really confused around here and I cannot balance my checkbook.

Kevin R. McNulty


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