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New this weekend


* "Edward II" is Christopher Marlowe's play about the bloody end to England's only known gay king moved up to hyper-fervid, semi-modern times by self-acknowledged HIV-positive director Derek Jarman. Rated R.

* "A Midnight Clear" follows a squad of scared, brilliant teen-age GIs through the Battle of the Bulge. They do not care for it. Rated R.

* "The Playboys" is a kind of "Last Picture Show," Irish-style; it shows what happens in the mid-'50s when a tatty little drama troupe heaves into a scabby Irish village already riven with jealousy and lust. Albert Finny, Aidan Quinn and Robin Wright star. Rated PG-13.

* "Criss Cross" is a Goldie Hawn domestic thriller about a divorced woman starting over. Rated R.

* "Falling From Grace" stars, and was directed by, John Mellancamp. He plays a country-western singer in a career crises. Rated R.

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