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A man and his Pug: They were meant for each other


Some dogs and their owners are exceptionally content together.

Take Clint Tucker and his Pug, Billy Boy. It's enough just to see the two together. First there is the satisfied look on Mr. Tucker's face when he is holding his Pug. And, there is the haughty and positive look his Pug bestows on the world from the comfort of his owner's arms.

Mr. Tucker says it was meant to be.

"My wife, Lee Ann, and I were at the National Pug Specialty in Allentown, Pa., about seven months ago showing our other Pug. And Billy Boy was for sale by his breeder. He was 6 months old and must not have seemed perfect to some prospective buyers or he would have been bought long before 6 months old.

"I picked him up and put him in my lap and from that moment on all I could tell you was that I knew he was going to be mine," says Mr. Tucker.

He and his wife, Lee Ann Taylor, also own a 3-year-old Pug named Puggy TayTuc. Billy Boy, who is 13 months old now, is officially Cameo William TayTuc.

TayTuc is a combination of the couple's names and the name of a small business they operate in their spare time teaching others how to use computers. Mrs. Taylor is a systems analyst with AEPCO, a computer company in Rockville. He is systems techni

cal consultant with Anisys, also a computer company, at Aberdeen Proving Ground. They live in Damascus.

Their dogs are being shown in competitions around the area. Puggy is in obedience training and is just a few points from earning her Companion Dog award. Billy Boy has taken a best in breed and second in group in Harrisburg, Pa., and in other shows and is only eight points away from his championship, says Mr. Tucker.

"The day we bought Billy Boy and took him back to our hotel room in Allentown," says Mrs. Tucker, "that little fellow knew he belonged to Clint and he followed his every move no matter where -- in the bathroom, the shower, and if Clint closed the door on him he stood at it whining until he let him in," says Mrs. Tucker.

"Now, when he needs a bath, we take a shower together," says Mr. Tucker.

Even food isn't as important to Billy Boy as knowing the whereabouts of his owner.

"He will eat a mouthful out of his bowl and then turn around looking for Clint," says Mrs. Tucker, who says they bought both Pugs because "we were ready. We had been pretty busy raising sons," she explains (Robert Scott is 27, James Clinton is 20). "I wanted a tiny little dog and Clint wanted a St. Bernard. So we compromised that the Pug is a lap dog with substance," she adds, laughing.

American Kennel Club breed information notes that the Pug is a "lot of dog in a small space." It also notes that the Pug is a dog of many nations and was first recorded in 400 B.C. The Pug's face has some similarity to the Pekingese. He was the favorite of Josephine, the wife of Napoleon.

The Pug is further described as living to be near his family, easy to keep, always looks well-groomed and is lovable and staunch.

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