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What peace dividend?From: Dorothy KinsmanRivaI just read...


What peace dividend?

From: Dorothy Kinsman


I just read in the Washington Post that a $114 million headquarters for the U.S. Naval Intelligence Command is being built on a 43-acre site in Prince George's County. This "espionage buff's dream" apparently will be equipped with a stupefying array of devices designed primarily to protect us from a non-existent enemy, the former Soviet Union. They include sheet-metal shielding to thwart electronic eavesdroppers and two paper shredders, each capable of reducing 1,800 pounds of documents to mulch in one hour.

The building was designed and the money appropriated in the 1980s. The fact that construction is going full speed ahead is just another example of defense spending that has no relation to the reality of 1992. Why couldn't these plans at least have been scaled back?

During this year, U.S. taxpayers will spend $130 billion to defend Western Europe from the collapsed Soviet Union. Even with a 50 percent cut in our defense budget, we'd remain the most powerful nation on earth.

As Anne Arundel County residents know first hand, these defense expenditures translate into jobs, jobs, jobs, as President Bush would say. I should think, however, that instead of being trapped in wasteful, pointless defense-related jobs, many of these people would prefer knowing that the fruits of their labor contribute to the well-being of their fellow Americans.

Why can't some of the military budget be diverted to figuring out ways to employ these people in life-saving, life-enriching domestic programs related to health care, education, affordable housing, and protection of the environment?

Praise for Kivinski

From: Mike Crane

Manager, 10 and under

Vice president, Linthicum/Ferndale Angels

I would like to let you know that Steve Kivinski is an asset to your newspaper.

During softball season, I like to report my team's games to Steve. He is very polite and patient and tries to get the articles in the paper as much as he can. I realize not every article can be printed, but he does his best.

I'm from Linthicum/Ferndale, and not only do my teams like to read the articles, but the whole organization starts to read them.

Also, I would like to say that Denise Sanchez came out and took some pictures, and is also a very nice lady.

You have a good newspaper, and we look forward to reading not only the sports section but the whole newspaper.

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