Graphic design students share victory for their...


Graphic design students share victory for their abuse 0) prevention posters

The judges just couldn't decide, so they settled for a tie for first in the child abuse prevention poster contest at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. Angela Ely Gaydos of Columbia won with her poster of children at play and the words "Children Are Priceless, Please Do Not Break, Bruise, Scratch, Scar, Neglect or Abuse. They are Irreplaceable." Amy Myers, also from Columbia, also received first-place honors for her mirror images of a young girl. On one side the child is saying "I'm stupid;" on the other, "I'm smart." The poster's message is: ,, "How children label themselves is up to you."

Both winners are junior graphic design majors at UMBC. Second place went to Misty Remington of Mt. Airy and third to Samantha Kay Schmidt of Abbingdon.

The contest is sponsored by graphics design professor Jeri Robinson. Lighthouse Inc., of Catonsville, one of the state's youth and family service bureaus, will print and distribute the posters to churches and other family service organizations around the state. "You'd forget your head if it weren't connected to your neck."

"What happened to the floor? I can't find it."

"You snacked all day and now you're not hungry."

Sound familiar?

That's because you've probably heard them -- or said them -- at home. Now these familiar phrases are part of a "collection of motherly wit and wisdom" called "Moms Say The Funniest Things" (Meadowbrook Press, $6) by Bruce Lansky.

Just released, the 98-page paperback book will make you laugh and cringe. And if you can't be with your mom on Sunday, Mother's Day, you might want to get a copy. It will make her seem a lot closer.

Child care conference

Baltimore's fourth annual child care conference will consider quality child care as "an investment in our future" with workshops, speakers, displays and discussions Saturday at the Convention Center. Harvard University psychiatrist and author Alvin Poussaint will be the guest speaker at 1:30 p.m. Workshops will look at conflict resolution, good nutrition, infant care, non-competitive games, accreditation and wages. The conference is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; registration begins at 8 a.m. There is a $6 fee, which includes lunch. For more information, phone Electra Collins at the Mayor's Office of Children and Youth, 396-4848.

No identity crisis here

The Girl Scouts of Central Maryland are lending parents a helping hand in protecting their youngsters. The scouts are selling "Me and My I.D.," personalized iron-on labels that include a child's name, address, phone number and other information such as parents' phone numbers and medical needs. Each label carries up to five lines of information. Labels can be put in clothing, backpacks, hats and other belongings. Adults can use them, too. A set of 20 labels costs $5 (40 for $7). For more information and to order labels, contact the Girl Scouts at (800)

492-2521. Proceeds help the scouts.

Learning about asthma

Pediatric nurses, a pediatrician, a respiratory therapist and a pediatric psychologist will talk about the causes, treatments and the psychological aspects of asthma, both for the patient and for his or her family, from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Harbor Hospital Center's Gruehn Building. Separate and joint activities for children and parents. Fee is $15; registration is required; phone 347-3840. The hospital is located at 3001 South Hanover St.

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