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Season finales for 'Blossom,' 'Women'



* Relationship riddles highlight the season-ending episodes of a pair of series tonight:

Will Blossom and Vinnie still be together next season, after running away tonight?

And will Anthony really marry the debutante?

The first plot is on NBC's "Blossom," (8:30, Channel 2). A tattooed, leather-wearing guy (David Lascher) sweeps Blossom (Mayim Bialik) away -- literally, as they defy Nick's (Ted Wass) disapproval of the relationship. The runaway plot will not be resolved until the fall.

The second pairing is on "Designing Women" (9:30, Channel 11). Anthony (Meshach Taylor) falls under the spell of an assertive woman (guest star Jackee) whose mother is a client of the design firm.

In recent talk show appearances, Jackee has been coy about her character's future on the show, whose cast is due changes for the fall (notably the announced departure of Julia Duffy). But don't be surprised if Jackee becomes a regular.

* NBC's "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" also ends its season tonight (at 8, Channel 2), with an episode in which Will (Will Smith) and Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) end up working as male exotic dancers to recoup some lost money.

* Looking for insight into last week's eruption of violence in Los Angeles and elsewhere, two previously produced shows on the roots of hatred appear tonight.

Maryland Public Television has scheduled "The Color of Your Skin," a repeat of an earlier "Frontline" segment, to air at 9 o'clock. The show is a taped record of discussions among six blacks, five whites and a Filipino.

And on cable's CNN, "Violence Out of Control" will be telecast at 8 o'clock nightly through Friday. Although previously produced, the series is said to also address the most recent events.

* Did Columbus "discover" a new world? Not hardly. He was merely a disruptive newcomer to the residents at the time, as we learn in "Rediscovering America: Indians Among Us," a cable special premiering at 9 tonight on The Discovery Channel.

With host Roger Kennedy, director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, the show documents that human cultures had thrived on this continent for some 10,000 years, and looks at how native cultures grew and survive.

* National Public Radio figure Linda Wertheimer, co-host of the daily "All Things Considered" news and public affairs program (at 5 p.m. weekdays on WJHU-FM 88.1), is scheduled to speak about politics in Baltimore Wednesday night.

The public appearance is at 8 p.m. at Shriver Hall on the campus of Johns Hopkins University and is a fund-raiser for the Friends of WJHU organization. Admission is $5. For information, call the station at (410) 516-9548.

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