From The Sun May 3-9, 1842MAY 3:...


From The Sun May 3-9, 1842

MAY 3: Ellicott's Mills Free Press states the population of the Union Works, in Howard District, comprises 613 persons, of which number 299 are males. Of this number there are 11 colored persons -- 3 males and 8 females.

MAY 9: E. S. Milbourne, keeper of the City Spring in Calvert Street, is now actively engaged in the use of various means for the preservation of the trees within the enclosure.

From The Sun May 3-9, 1892

MAY 3: Councilman Clark told the Mayor yesterday that only 24 Belgian block street pavers lived in Baltimore and that if the law was carried out requiring employes of the city to be registered voters, very little work in that direction could be done this summer.

MAY 8: Soft crabs are beginning to arrive in large quantities. The steamer Richmond, of the Weems Line, brought to Baltimore yesterday 1,600 dozen.

From The Sun May 3-9, 1942

MAY 3: Reduction or elimination of "luxury equipment" on railroads, such as club, lounge, parlor and sleeping cars is "imminent," Joseph B. Eastman, defense transportation director, said today.

MAY 6: Whether they like it or not, the 5,500 women factory employes of the Glenn L. Martin Co. are dressing exactly alike. And most of them are only too happy to do it. Their uniform, slate blue slack suits and low-heel shoes, were adopted by the company to minimize the danger of injury to the women at work.

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