Star watch: Tour dates for some artists uncertain


Some of this summer's potential blockbusters are already on tour; others, like Genesis (who play RFK Stadium May 19) or the Cure (May 25-26 at the Capital Centre), are waiting in the wings. But what of Bruce? Garth? Def Leppard? Here's the current forecast.

Bruce Springsteen. Although the rumor mill has him hitting the road as early as June, the official word is simply that he will tour some time this year. Naturally, there's no word at this point on where, when or with whom.

Def Leppard. Currently rolling across Europe, these hard-rocking young Englishmen are looking at an August start for their U.S. tour. But, according to the group's record company, no bookings are definite as yet.

Wynnona Judd. Mere months after finishing the farewell tour with her mom, Wynnona is ready to hit the road as a solo. Look for her at Pier 6 on July 18.

Nirvana. Despite assurances that this trio will put in some serious road time this summer, the only dates currently on Nirvana's schedule are in Europe, where the group will play makeup dates for shows canceled late last year. Does that smell like tour spirit?

Garth Brooks. Even though he'll begin ropin' in the fans on a tour this summer, just when and where is something the country singer wants his fans to know first. Thus, the only word so far has been a few hints dropped by the Brooks fanzine The Believer, but Brooks does have a tour hot line in place: (900) GET-GARTH.

Michael Jackson. If you're planning to be in Europe this summer, you may have a shot at catching Jackson's current tour, which starts in late June and runs through the summer. But if you're staying in the States, tough luck: Jackson has no U.S. tour plans at this time.

Guns N' Roses/Metallica. Officially, no one knows whether these hard rock behemoths will actually mount their much-rumored stadium pairing. But European shows have already been announced, and mid-summer U.S. dates are likely to follow -- assuming, of course, Axl Rose can sort out his legal problems in St. Louis stemming from a riot at a 1991 concert.

Lollapalooza. Reprising last year's mix of underground, alternative rock and rap acts, this musical movable feast will include headliners the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with Ice Cube, Lush, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Pearl Jam. Things start July 18 in San Francisco, and the tour ends Aug. 30 in Los Angeles, but no word on whether it will play this area.

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