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Thank God, Annapolis isn't L.A. Only vigilance from our civic leaders will keep racism in check


Also, in a Sunday "Dialogue" column, the name of the writer, Zastrow Simms of Annapolis, was omitted.

The Arundel Arundel County Sun regrets the errors.

Yes, it's me, and I'm back again, mad as hell and bitter. But thanks to Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, I'll get better.

It's a sad day when blacks have risen from the slave ships to be candidates for the presidency of the United States and still must experience the atrocity that happened in Los Angeles.

This atrocity shows us that we are still "just niggers" in America.

Like many others, I have been caught up in the attractiveness of Tinsel Town. I have the impression that Los Angeles and California are way ahead of other cities and states.

But, as I've said many times, thank God, I'm in Annapolis.

I hope that many of my brothers and sisters will appreciate the fact that they are citizens of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. For here we have the best judiciary system anywhere. That is a tribute to judges like Warren Duckett, Eugene Lerner, Clayton Greene, Bruce Williams, Bob Heller, Judge Wray and Matthew Evans.

These are people who have compassion and integrity. They respect human beings, but are capable of handing down judgment fairly.

So we here in Annapolis should not brand the police of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County or equate them with the police in Los Angeles.

We should forget about those African-American titles and concern ourselves with taking advantage of the caliber of leadership we have in Annapolis and the county.

We should push forward and engage in dialogue, and above all, pray that God, in his infinite wisdom, sees fit that nothing like what happened in Los Angeles ever happens in Annapolis.

It is a time for the ministers, teachers, lawyers, doctors and grass-roots people to come together, and to meet with the powers-that-be to keep Annapolis and Anne Arundel County free of this type of atrocity. It can only be done when there is compassion and concern for human beings.

In 1968, we had a mayor who was genuinely concerned, and we had black leaders and the YWCA Dialogue groups. Some say we were lucky then, but I don't like the term "lucky." I call it "skill."

We were skilled enough to blend people together as they should be to work for the betterment of the community. Although we are small in number, we have the political leaders who have been in these situations before: Carl Snowden and Sam Gilmer.

Let's rally behind them, and join together with the chiefs of police of the city and county, and with the mayor and county executive, and with the judges named above, and with God, who has always been on our side. We will make it.

And I remind you, this is just the opinion of Zastrow Simms, who knows he is a nigger in America.

Let's make a change. Please vote.

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