Was talk out of bounds?I welcome more...


Was talk out of bounds?

I welcome more speakers such as Mr. Weaver. God bless him.


From: Joy M. and Donald Isner


Absolutely appropriate.

What has happened to our society with secular viewpoints? Chaos and deterioration of morals. There needs to be a revival of Christian truths.

L I pray for the poor souls who need salvation so desperately.


From: Sharon Buckley


Absolutely not [inappropriate].

If the students were offended in any way I find it hard to believe that they wouldn't have walked out, mandatory or not.


From: Philip J. Merson

New Windsor

It was very appropriate.

All of society is in desperate need for an upward surge of support for Christian values.

This country was founded on strong religious beliefs. Human rights and equality are results of Christian ethics. Our Pledge of Allegiance states that we are "one nation under God."

Thanksgiving is based on our "giving thanks to God" and Christmas celebrates the birth of our Savior. Both were considered important enough to be national holidays. Our money is stamped, "In God We Trust."

One of our greatest patriotic songs, "America," includes the phrase, "God shed his grace on thee," while another patriotic favorite that moved men to die for the freedom of others states, "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."

The backbone of these United States of America is made up of committed Christian families -- usually silent men and women of integrity and a strong sense of knowing what is right.

They are individuals raised in a value system that teaches us to be tolerant of those who believe differently and allow others to express their opinions. This is a value system that extols truth, justice, faith and love.

These qualities define the Christian faith and fashion the seemingly outdated attitudes of caring for others ahead of yourself. This is a very strange attitude in this day and age of selfishness.

Any true Christian is willing to stand up for the truth and is not afraid to bring all things to the light. This country is made up of a silent majority of Christians. Why should we be ashamed of our heritage?

If we want this country to survive the war on drugs, street violence, pornography, child abuse and other hideous crimes that have resulted from a lack of moral standards, we had better turn to more assemblies that focus on the Christian message of love, honesty and sacrifice.

I am thankful for the courage displayed by Herman Weaver and the Carroll County Board of Education to stand up for truth.

Votes are wrong

From: Ivy Newman Smink


I address my comment to all of those people who voted state Sen. Larry E. Haines into office to represent the constituency.

Recently, some legislative bills were voted on. House Bill No. 1193 restricts unplanned suburban development. Senator Haines voted against this bill even though it passed the Senate, 42-4.

Why did he vote this way? Could there be a conflict of interest with Haines Realty?

He also voted against stricter tail-pipe emissions for cars sold in Maryland. Doesn't he know that emissions account for at least 50 percent of air pollution, and the Baltimore-Washington area often ranks in the top 5 percent in the nation for the worst air pollution during the summer?

Historically, Republicans have never been kind to the environment and here is a good example. For those of us who live in Carroll County because of the country setting and atmosphere, not to mention lower taxes, reasonable schools and clean neighborhoods (for the most part), does Senator Haines represent those values by voting against such bills?

Think about it.

Countians vote representatives in office but then fail to follow up by voicing how we, as constituents, are represented. I become ** embarrassed over issues that representatives of my political party support.

Environmental issues should be non-partisan issues, but it doesn't work out that way and we all end up losers. In the same breath, Sen. Charles Smelser isn't off the hook, for Carroll County is slowly evolving into a Republican county, according to the most recent elections.

People must take notice of how our legislative representatives vote on bills that support the values we believe in.

P.S. Who knows why Senator Haines voted against changing the helmet law. He should make a visit to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma or to a rehabilitation center to see the quality of life of those who have suffered head injuries sustained by not wearing a helmet.

Article was excellent

From: Jeanne E. Clark


External H.S. Program

The Maryland External High School Program would like to publicly thank Greg Tasker for the excellent article in the Sunday, April 5, 1992, edition of The Carroll County Sun ["50-year-old diploma holder: It's better late than never"].

Greg thoroughly researched the External Program and spent considerable time interviewing Bill Steele and me. This article reflects Greg's interest and ability in reporting news and information completely and accurately.

He is certainly an asset to our community news system.

Again, thanks Greg, you made many adults aware of an alternative way to earning their high school diploma.

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