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Code Blue

I am writing to respond to Dr. Kenneth Burke's April 19 Perspective article, "Code Blue."

I, too, have an "Anna" in my life. She is my mother, who has suffered from senile dementia for about 10 years and has spent the last 6 1/2 years in a nursing home. She now has probable lymphoma.

I say probable because we -- her doctor, my sister and I -- have decided we do not need a definitive diagnosis since we will not try to "cure" the cancer. My feeling is that this is God's way of helping my mother out of her misery.

Why would I want to put her through the torment of chemotherapy? Would it improve her quality of life? Of course not. Yet I have noted some looks of disdain when I tell someone that we are not doing "everything" we can.

This does not mean she is not getting good care.

She is kept clean, well fed and comfortable.

I feel no need to do more, and hope, for her, that the end is near.

Mary Chesney Schwind


Mayor Schmoke

Recently a bus load of minority students from Kenwood High School, Baltimore County, visited Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke. This event was to give county students, especially minority students, an opportunity to perceive Mayor Schmoke as a role model.

Mayor Schmoke took over an hour of his time to meet and talk with the students. The mayor stressed the value of education, good citizenship and importance of role models for our young. Mayor Schmoke should be commended for taking time from a busy schedule to meet with leaders of tomorrow. The mayor showed that he is indeed interested in our young people.

John A. Micklos



The Sun last year supported the Baltimore County Council for not following the fiscal radicalism of Councilman Donald Mason.

It seems that Councilman Mason proposed various fiscal measures including the privatization of certain county activities as part of a plan to make government more efficient by reducing excessive government spending.

Now it should be noted that The Sun applauds the fiscal fTC radicalism of Henry Butta for his cost-saving ideas such as the privatization of certain state activities.

It would appear that Mr. Butta has been consulting with Councilman Mason in order to point the state in the right direction.

William M. Kessler


Maryland Colts?

Baltimore does not need or deserve an expansion football team. Maryland does, and it should be located in Baltimore.

Baltimore alone will not support our new team. If taxes or lottery funds are used to build a new stadium, that stadium will be financed by Marylanders, not Baltimoreans uniquely.

It is vain and greedy for the city to claim the sports teams that the entire state supports both financially and as fans. For this reason, the people of Maryland should have a team carrying their name.

No matter what name the team is given (i.e. Colts or otherwise), Maryland should precede it in the title, not Baltimore.

There is a large population in Eastern Maryland, Western Maryland and elsewhere that is being ignored and taken for granted. Marylanders are not all Baltimoreans, but Baltimoreans are all part of the population of football fans known as Marylanders.

As a Marylander, it is depressing to see Baltimore get tremendous national attention for Camden Yards as if the rest of the state does not matter.

Our state legislature helped to build this park. Our state bought the lottery tickets that funded it. Our state pays for the light rail and other transportation renovations now and in the future that are tailored to the new ballpark.

We even buy a fair share of the Oriole tickets, memorabilia, etc. that is responsible for our team's success.

Yet Baltimore gets all the credit. Let's not let this happen when football returns to our state.

I'm asking all Maryland sports fans to help me speak out on this. If we speak out early, we might not only get heard, we might make a difference.

There are precedents: the new expansion baseball team called the Florida Marlins, the California Angels, the Texas Rangers, the Minnesota Vikings, the Utah Jazz, etc.

Let's make sure that Baltimore knows that we want our due recognition.

Let's make it known that we will not support a team that shows us no appreciation.

Craig McGinnes


Porn and Violence

I enjoyed Ellen Goodman's commentary, "Movies Don't Commit Rape, Rapists Do" (April 14). It would be a terrible mistake for the Senate to approve the Pornography Victims Compensation Act. I would like to add some comments to Ms. Goodman's.

Ted Bundy's "Porn made me kill" is one more example of the most overused phrase in America today: "It's not my fault." Blame porn, blame the Japanese, blame your doctor, your neighbor, your parents. Never accept responsibility unless things well. This seems to be the new American way, and it's disgusting.

Also, I disagree with feminists who fight against sexually explicit material, for three reasons.

One, they are supporting one of the major lies imposed by a male-dominated culture: that good women think sex is dirty. Women have been told for years that a woman who loved sex (even with her husband) was unrefined at best, a "slut" at worst. As a result, pornography is made by men, and women are portrayed as they appear in men's fantasies. If anything, feminism should promote an alternative: erotica made by women!

Two, they are helping the religious right promote the idea that the ends justify the means, and that it is acceptable to legislate morality at the expense of liberty. No group is more opposed to the basic tenets of feminism than the religious right!

And three, porn is sold to adults whose values are already formed. We learn our values at home! We can use the TV to watch murder or torture any day of the week, and even a small child can buy a comic book filled with death and destruction. What are we teaching here? Maybe it's time to say something new: violence is obscene!

R. M. Anson


Cheap What?

Your April 24 Sun editorial, "Cheap Taxes," reflects appalling ignorance or a blatant attempt to mislead your readers.

All property owners know that their tax bill is a function of both assessed value and the tax rate. For you to declare the tax "cheap" on the basis of the rate alone badly distorts reality.

To be objective you should compare rates, assessed values and actual tax assessments, in equivalent dollars, over the period(s) in question.

I sincerely hope that not all of your editorials are equally misleading.

Harold B. Wilson

North East

Israel's Security

William Hughes' armchair outrage (Letters to the Editor, April 28) shows he has no understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

Israel was attacked not once, but twice, through the West Bank by Arabs, including Palestinians, fanatically intent on Israel's destruction. Has Mr. Hughes ever bothered to glance at a map of the area? Is he personally ready to guarantee Israel's security will not be endangered once again with a Palestinian state, giving access to other Arab states, installed on Israel's doorstep?

I suggest Mr. Hughes read the history of this highly complex, convoluted situation before sounding off so simplistically.

Rea Knisbacher


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