Turner may counter NBC offer to Storm


Hannah Storm is raising a storm in her effort to shift from Turner Broadcasting to NBC Sports for a $200,000 salary, almost three times her current income. More money and more exposure make the decision easy for Storm, but Turner has read the fine print in her contract and apparently is attempting to match the offer.

Storm's most prominent role during three years at Turner was co-anchor on TBS for the Goodwill Games in Seattle in 1990. She did not emerge as an in-house favorite.

Storm does project as a lively, smiling presence on camera and supposedly can play 20 questions with anyone. She grew up in Illinois, graduated from Notre Dame and was a sports anchor at WPCA-TV in Charlotte, N.C., before joining Turner.

Terry O'Neil of NBC, also a Notre Dame alumnus, is seeking Storm. After losing Bill Walsh and Pat Riley last year, the network saved close to $1 million in salary, so it can afford to take a chance on a second woman announcer.

NBC uses Gayle Gardner as weekend sports anchor. Gardner occasionally stumbles on live TV, but her features often are compelling and she is perhaps the best writer in the division, excepting Dick Enberg.

Turner Broadcasting is silent about the negotiations, which reportedly have reached the level where Ted Turner is involved, a sign that a whopping raise for Storm would cause vibrations. "We simply have no comment," David Talley of CNN said Friday. Athletes and Artists, which represents Storm, also refused to discuss negotiations.

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