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Drunken driver guilty 13th time


With 12 convictions for drunken driving and 52 points on his driving record, Andrew A. Brady was back in court yet again.

"Andrew Brady. Andy Brady. Oh, my Lord," said Judge Donald M. Lowman, calling the case. "I knew Andy Brady when he was a sergeant on the Anne Arundel County police force and he was a darn good officer. He retired and became just as good an alcoholic."

For the 13th time, Brady was tried and convicted yesterday of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

Brady, 68, entered the District Court in Glen Burnie in handcuffs and shackles because he had been unable to make $10,000 bond since his Nov. 30 arrest. He acted as his own attorney.

After reading the charges -- driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence and driving on a suspended and revoked license -- Judge Lowman told the defendant, "There was a time that if Andy Brady told you something you could take it to the bank. The last couple of times I saw you, you said you weren't going to drink anymore, so I can't take it to the bank."

After finding Brady guilty of drunken driving, Judge Lowman revoked Brady's bond, ordered a presentence investigation.

Brady could get three years in jail.

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