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'Dayo' will make you think it took all night-o to view this TV movie


In the Disney movie "Dayo" (7 p.m. Sunday, NBC, Channel 2), Delta Burke is the hard-working but frustrated daughter of Fred Dalton Thompson, who ignores her in favor of worthless son Tony. Despite Ms. Burke's happy marriage (to "Days of Our Lives" star Charles Shaughnessy), stress causes her imaginary childhood friend to enter her life.

When a movie takes this long to explain, it is not because it has a catchy plot. Or anything else. "Dayo" takes forever to make an obvious point, and gets there on the wings of dull flashbacks, cloying symbolism and dialogue that failed the Stewart Sleep Test.

As for production values, let me just say that Ms. Burke goes to sleep one night in a flowered nightgown and wakes up in a blue one, and not because anything happened in bed.

She's a funny actress, but here, all she gets to do is yell things like "You never listen to me!" Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to her in this, either.

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