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It's been life in the fast lane for the Wilhelmsen family of Baltimore County this past week. Hans Jr., who is a grad student and manager of his father's (Dr. Hans Wilhelmsen Sr.) lovely Sunnybrook Farm, had some excitement. The farm, where the buffalo really do roam, came to life Monday, when legions of limos filled with members of Motown recording groups pulled into the driveway and helicopters with security people hovered above.

The groups, managed by Michael Bivins, are at Sheffield Studios this week cutting a record for the Motown label. When they discussed a place to shoot photos for the album cover, Sunnybrook Farm was suggested. The groups participating are BBD, Boyz II Men, ABC, MC Brains, Tom Boy, the White Guys and Tamrock, and I'm told, if you haven't heard of these groups yet, you will.


Meanwhile, Hans Sr., well-known plastic surgeon, has just returned from Miami, where he had lunch with Queen Sonja of Norway.

The queen was there to christen the Majesty of the Sea, the newest ship in the Royal Caribbean Cruise line family. Wilhelmsen was invited to the christening party by his two cousins, who own the cruise line. He said the ship is a real beauty and he plans to take his family for a cruise on her after the first of the year.


When you're 75 and looking better every year, there is reason to celebrate. Last week's 75th anniversary celebration of the Hopkins School of Public Health attracted more than 600 people to Stouffer's for a glitzy evening.

Hugh Downs, host of ABC's "20/20," agreed to be the emcee after he had done a 20/20 story on Dr. Alfred Sommer, dean of the school. The Capitol Steps provided some outrageously delightful entertainment and Lea Salonga, who won a Tony for her role in "Miss Saigon," sang "The Future Is in Our Hands," a song written for the 75th celebration.

Years ago, Lea made a rock video for Filipino teens about sexual responsibility in conjunction with the School for Public Health and it was that video that she used as an audition tape for "Miss Saigon."

Other notables were Prince Abdulaziz, chairman of the International Federation of Eye Banks, who has retinitis pigmentosa; Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, director general of the World Health Organization; U.S. Surgeon General Antonia C. Novello, a graduate of the school of health; Richard Rhodes, who won a Pulitzer for his book "The Making of the Atomic Bomb"; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Louis Sullivan; Dr. Donald A. Henderson, former dean of the school and now associate director of the White House Office on Science and Technology Policy; and Bud and Lois Wsye Meyerhoff, who is still in a wheelchair because of her broken ankle.

Proceeds from the gala will be used for student and faculty programs.


How would you like to join US against MS Saturday eveningThis one sounds like a delightful way to raise money for multiple sclerosis. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., you are invited to the lovely St. James Condominiums, 3704 N. Charles St., for "Celebrity Small Talk," featuring a dozen area celebrities.

For $50 a person, you can meet and chat with Beverly Burke, Norm Lewis, Michael Olesker, Tony Pagnotti, Jim Palmer, John Waters, Ed Polochick, Hope Quackenbush, Stan White, Tom Eberhart and yours truly at a cocktail party.

There are still a few tickets left and we'd love to meet you, so call (410) 561-4411.

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