Live ! From New York! It's Bruce Springsteen


Pssst -- hey buddy! You interested in front-row seats for Springsteen?

It sounds like a scalper's come-on, but actually it's just another sweeps-week gimmick. "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels announced yesterday that Bruce Springsteen will perform three songs on the May 9 show (WMAR, Channel 2). Actor Joe Pesci is the scheduled host.

Not only will this be Springsteen's network debut -- his tube time up to this point has consisted mostly of music videos -- but it will also mark his post-E St. Band debut. Who exactly will be in his new band, however, was not known. All a spokeswoman for Springsteen could confirm yesterday was that it would be "a new band"; no word on whether any of the musicians who played on Springsteen's new albums, "Human Touch" and "Lucky Town," would be involved.

Nor will this necessarily be the same outfit Springsteen plans to take on tour -- whenever that might be. But look at it this way: The sight-lines will be great, and you'll never see him for less.

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