What each team should be looking for NFL DRAFT

1. Indianapolis Colts (1-15)

The Colts could use help everywhere but at quarterback, where Jeff George is the future of the franchise. Their most pressing needs are on defense and this is a defensive draft. For weeks, they had been talking about making Steve Emtman and Quentin Coryatt the first two picks in the draft. But when they couldn't come to terms with Coryatt, they switched to Sean Gilbert, who's close to agreeing to a five-year $9.375 million pact at $1.875 a year for the second spot. Emtman is still supposed to be the first pick even though they're far apart on terms with him. Getting two good defensive players could help turn around this sad sack franchise. NOT!


2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13)

The Bucs have had the first or second pick in the draft three times in the past six years and have only Vinny Testaverde to show for it. They couldn't sign Bo Jackson in 1986 and traded what turned out to be the second pick in this year's draft to the Colts for QB Chris Chandler, who's no longer with the team. That helps explain why this team is always going nowhere. It also means Sam Wyche starts a rebuilding program without a first-round pick. He needs help on defense, but also could go for a quarterback to groom for the future on the second round.


3. Los Angeles Rams (3-13)

Chuck Knox starts off his second term as Rams coach desperate for help on defense. He had been expecting to get Gilbert, but he'll switch to Coryatt or cornerback Troy Vincent if the Colts sign Gilbert.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (3-13)

David Shula takes over as the Cincinnati coach knowing he needs a lot of help on defense. If Coryatt falls this far, he'll grab him. If not, he'll chose between the two best cornerbacks -- Vincent or Terrell Buckley -- or trade down. The Dallas Cowboys want Buckley and could offer two No. 1 picks to move into this slot to take Buckley.

5. Green Bay Packers (4-12)

The Ron Wolf-Mike Holmgren regime takes over in Green Bay looking for help in both offensive and defensive lines, cornerback and wide receiver. They'll be looking at Buckley, Bob Whitfield and Desmond Howard. The Redskins tried to trade up to get Howard in case Green Bay decided to go for him. But the Packers could pass on Howard for Buckley.

6. San Diego Chargers (4-12)

Bobby Beathard traded his first-round pick to Washington, but got Houston's first-round choice (the 23rd pick) for Lee Williams. Beathard is getting flak in San Diego because he wound up trading the sixth pick in the draft, but he's the Picasso of draft day and often makes unorthodox moves pay off. He's looking for a pass rusher, a cornerback and a wide receiver. Don't be surprised if he trades his 1993 first-round choice during the draft. Beathard still believes in his system.


7. Phoenix Cardinals (4-12)

The Cardinals traded their first-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for Randall Hill last year. Since the Cardinals so often blew first-round picks (remember Eric Swann last year?) in the past, it may not have made any difference. Their most pressing needs are defensive and offensive linemen and a quarterback. They're also trying to trade offensive lineman Luis Sharpe, who's been the subject of drug allegations.

8. New England Patriots (6-10)

The Patriots have a pressing need in the offensive line, so they're likely to take Leon Searcy, who just happened to play at Miami, where Sam Jankovich used to be the athletic director. It would seem to be difficult for the Patriots to pass on QB David Klingler of Houston, but they seem sold on Hugh Millen and Jankovich likes Searcy.

9. Cleveland Browns (6-10)

The Browns need help just about everywhere but at quarterback, where they have Bernie Kosar. They've still taken a long look at Klingler, but may decide for more immediate help. TE Derek Brown of Notre Dame, if he gets past Washington, or S Dale Carter of Tennessee could help.


10. Seattle Seahawks (7-9)

Tom Flores takes over as coach looking for help in the offensive line. Whitfield and Ray Roberts of Virginia could help, as he tries to build an offensive line in the image of the old Raiders.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-9)

The Steelers are looking for help at running back, and they're hoping that Vaughn Dunbar of Indiana, the top-rated running back in this year's draft, drops this far. If he does, they'll grab him.

12. Miami Dolphins (8-8)

The Dolphins, who have the seventh and 12th picks -- because they got the Cardinals' pick -- want defensive help. They've tried to package their two No. 1 picks, but the Colts and Rams rejected their offers. They also wanted to take DL Bill Johnson of Michigan State, but he injured his knee in an off-the-field scuffle with former teammate Percy Snow. If they can't make a deal, DL Alonzo Spellman of Ohio State and DB Kevin Smith of Texas A&M; are two players who would help them.


13. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)

The Vikings are still paying the price for the terrible Herschel Walker deal. Mike Lynn, who made the trade, is gone, but so are the Vikings' first three picks in this draft. They don't make a pick until the fourth round, after 97 players have been taken off the board. They're trying to trade Walker, but aren't finding much interest in him. The Vikings have needs in both lines, at running back and in the secondary, but won't get much help in this draft.

- 14. New York Giants (8-8) The Giants need a pass rusher (Lawrence Taylor is in his last year), a tight end and a cornerback. But if Klingler falls this far, he'd be hard to pass up. They haven't drafted a quarterback in the first round since George Young took Phil Simms with his first pick with the club in 1979.

15. New York Jets (8-8)

The Jets need depth in both lines and also could use an outside linebacker and a tight end. Since it's a deep draft for linemen, they'll take the best one available on either side of the ball.

16. Los Angeles Raiders (9-7)


Al Davis gambled on Todd Marinovich last year on the first round. The Raiders want to bolster their offensive line and will play it a little more conservatively this time and take the best one left.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

The Eagles traded their first-round pick last year to Green Bay, which shipped it to the Atlanta Falcons. The Eagles made the deal to move up to get T Antone Davis on the first round last year. The result is that they don't pick until the second round, when it'll be difficult to fill their pressing need for a running back.

18. San Francisco (10-6)

What the 49ers really need for is Joe Montana to stay healthy. Other than that, they could use a safety, running back and tight end. S Dale Carter of Tennessee may be a logical pick for them because they're still trying to replace Ronnie Lott.

19. Atlanta Falcons (10-6)


The Falcons have the 17th and 19th picks, and they're trying to trade up. They need a running back, linebacker, a defensive lineman and offensive tackle, but they could wind up needing help in the secondary because Deion Sanders and Brian Jordan are playing baseball. RB Tony Smith of Southern Mississippi and DL Robert Porcher of South Carolina State could help them.

20. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

The Chiefs would like to move up to get Klingler, but they're not offering enough. Besides a quarterback, their most pressing need is in the secondary, and Dana Hall of Washington could fit in for them.

21. New Orleans Saints (11-5)

The Saints need help in the offensive line and the secondary, and this is a deep draft at both positions. They'll take the best one left at those two positions.

22. Chicago Bears (11-5)


The Bears took an offensive lineman last year on the first round when they grabbed Stan Thomas. But they could use more help there and may take Michigan's Greg Skrepenak.

23. Houston Oilers (11-5)

The Oilers traded their first-round pick to the Chargers for Lee Williams, so they don't make a choice until the first 49 players are gone. Their biggest hole is at wide receiver because they're a run-and-shoot team that lost three wide-outs on Plan B. If there's a good one left, they'll grab him.

24. Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

The Herschel Walker trade is the gift that keeps on giving. The Cowboys have two picks in each of the first three rounds in their final installment on the Walker trade. With all of those picks, they'd like to trade up to get defensive help. Remember what Erik Kramer did to their defense in the playoffs? If they stay in the 13th and 24th spots, S Darryl Williams, who played at Miami, and LB Robert Jones of East Carolina are logical choices.

25. Denver Broncos (12-4)


The Broncos, who are trying to trade Bobby Humphrey, would like to grab a running back if a good one drops this far.

26. Detroit Lions (12-4)

The Lions need help on a defense that Washington shredded twice. That's why they tried to lure Pat Swilling from New Orleans. They'll take the best linebacker left.

27. Buffalo Bills (13-3)

The Bills have a Super Bowl offense, but a defense that can't stop the NFC in the Super Bowl. They'll take the best defensive player left on the board.

28. Washington (14-2)


For a Super Bowl champion, the Redskins have a lot of needs -- cornerback, defensive end, middle linebacker and tight end. General manager Charley Casserly goes into the draft room today with the sixth and 28th picks on the first round, but there's no guarantee he'll keep them. He's tried to move up into Green Bay's slot to get Howard, but hasn't been able to swing a deal and could get Howard anyway if the Packers take Buckley. If the Redskins don't get Howard and keep the sixth pick, they could take tight end Derek Brown. Since it's a deep draft for defensive linemen, they hope one falls to them on the 28th pick. They like Marco Coleman if he lasts that long. They'll also try to unload Stan Humphries out of Joe Gibbs' dog house during the draft and select a young quarterback during the draft.