The top 50 prospects NFL DRAFT



David Klingler, Houston 6-2 1/2 205

Analysis: Klingler, who struggled through a disappointing senior year, is the only quarterback who'll definitely go in the first round. This simply isn't a vintage quarterback draft. Matt Blundin of Virginia, Casey Weldon of Florida State and Tommy Maddox of UCLA, who came out after his sophomore year, will get a look down the line.

RUNNING BACKS Vaughn Dunbar, Indiana 5-10 204

Tommy Vardell, Stanford 6-1 238

Tony Smith, S. Miss. 6-1 188

Derrick Moore, NE Okla. 5-11 216

Tony Brooks, Notre Dame 6-0 230

Siran Stacy, Alabama 5-11 203

Analysis: There are no Barry Sanders in this draft, but Dunbar, Vardell and Smith could all go in the first round and be productive runners.


Desmond Howard, Michigan 5-10 184

Carl Pickens, Tennessee 6-2 206

Jimmy Smith, Jackson St. 6-0 200

Courtney Hawkins, Michigan St. 5-9 183

Patrick Rowe, San Diego St. 6-1 191

Charles Davenport, N.C. St. 6-3 206

Analysis: Howard, the Heisman Trophy winner, is the class of this group and will be the first one selected. But there's much depth at the position this year.


Derek Brown, Notre Dame 6-5 252

Johnny Mitchell, Nebraska 6-2 258

Analysis: In recent years, there always seemed to be shortage of tight ends. Most of the potential tight ends seem to be playing power forward in the NBA. Brown's the only certain first-rounder this year.


Bob Whitfield, Stanford 6-5 205

Leon Searcy, Miami (Fla.) 6-3 296

Ray Roberts, Virginia 6-5 304

Greg Skrepenak, Michigan 6-6 316

Eugene Chung, Va. Tech 6-4 295

Supeli Malamala, Washington 6-5 313

Analysis: This is a solid group with as many as five or six linemen figured to go on the first round. Whitfield is likely to be the first one selected, even though he is virtually blind in his right eye.


Steve Emtman, Washington 6-3 286

Sean Gilbert, Pittsburgh 6-4 315

Alonzo Spellman, Ohio St. 6-4 280

Robert Porcher, S.C. St. 6-4 283

Chester McGlockton, Clemson 6-4 337

Marco Coleman, Ga. Tech 6-3 259

Shane Dronett, Texas 6-5 273

Robert Harris, Southern 6-4 285

Chris Mims, Tennessee 6-4 261

Analysis: There's always a premium on defensive linemen who can get to the passer, which is why this group is so coveted. Emtman will be the first pick, and Gilbert is likely to be the second to lead a parade of five or six linemen on the first round. The group would have been even stronger if Bill Johnson of Michigan State hadn't suffered a serious knee injury while scuffling with former teammate Percy Snow. That injury knocked him out of the first round. A word of caution: Defensive linemen are often busts. Remember Kenneth Sims and Walt Patulski?


Quentin Coryatt, Texas A&M; 6-3 237

Robert Jones, E. Carolina 6-2 236

Chuck Smith, Tennessee 6-2 242

Todd Collins, Carson-Newman 6-2 242

Tracy Scoggins, Tulsa 6-3 255

Mark D'Onofrio, Penn State 6-2 236

Ricardo McDonald, Pittsburgh 6-2 230

Kurt Barber, USC 6-3 243

Keith Goganious, Penn State 6-2 237

Analysis: Coryatt is expected to be the third pick in the draft, but there's a drop-off after him, and the next one probably won't go until late in the first round. But it's a solid group that should get a lot of second-round action.


Troy Vincent, Wisconsin 6-0 191

Terrell Buckley, Fla. St. 5-9 174

Kevin Smith, Texas A&M; 5-11 173

Dale Carter, Tennessee 6-0 188

Darryl Williams, Miami 6-1 191

Dana Hall, Washington 6-2 206

Ashley Ambrose, Miss. Val. St. 5-10 177

Steve Isreal, Pittsburgh 5-10 186

Dion Lambert, UCLA 6-0 185

Marquez Pope, Fresno St. 5-11 185

Analysis: Vincent and Buckley are ranked at the top of what is one of the best positions in this draft. At least six of these players could go in the first round. This is a good year for teams looking for defensive backs.


Jason Hanson, Washington St. 5-11 183

Analysis: Hanson, who made 17 of 26 field-goal attempts last year, is expected to be the first kicker drafted. He hopes to go in the second round, but could wind up going lower.

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