Michael Jackson's 'Closet' comes out


On The Weekend Watch:

ROCKIN' TONIGHT -- Does a new Michael Jackson video rate the cosmos-wide appeal implied by the hyperbolic announcement of a "planetary premiere?" Oh well, maybe people out on Venus really can catch the debut tonight of "In the Closet." The video, also featuring model Naomi Campbell, can be seen for the first time at 8:53 p.m. on three TV carriers: on Fox stations (Channel 45) toward the end of "Drexel's Class," and on both the MTV and BET cable services.

The Jackson action is part of several pop-related developments on Fox, in fact. "The Simpsons" (at 8 p.m.) features the band Spinal Tap, and "Beverly Hills 90210" (at 9 p.m.) includes the acting debuts of the members of the group Color Me Badd.

PARTYIN' TOMORROW -- Channel 13's "Eyewitness News Morning Edition" celebrates a 10th birthday with an on-air studio party at 5:30 a.m. Friday. A number of viewers won the chance to join hosts Don Scott and Marty Bass for breakfast. The station was the first local network affiliate to begin early-morning news in 1982. And do you know who the original hosts were? Bass and Oprah Winfrey.

REMEMBERING THE KING -- CBS on Friday offers "Elvis: The Great Performances" at 8 p.m. (on Channel 11). Priscilla Presley presents footage of early performances, Elvis backstage, home movies, first and final performances, and guest appearances by The King's friends and colleagues. The show was filmed at Graceland.

SEEKING THE PARANORMAL -- Do you believe in ESP? People are apparently so fascinated by the unseen that Fox stations have conjured up a special one-hour edition of "Sightings" for Friday at 8 p.m. (on Channel 45). Among the ordinary people with extraordinary tales is a rental car clerk who dreamed of a horrifying airplane disaster for 10 consecutive nights before the worst plane crash in aviation history.

PRESENTING PEROT -- Is there a Perot in our political future? Texas businessman and possible presidential candidate Ross Perot continues his electoral soundings Friday on ". . . Talking With David Frost," at 10 p.m. on Maryland Public Television and at 9 p.m. on Washington's WETA (Channel 26).

SAYING GOODBYE -- ABC promises "love, laughter and nostalgia" on Saturday night as it bids adieu to three successful series with one-hour final episodes of "Who's the Boss," "Growing Pains" and "MacGyver" at 8, 9 and 10 (on Channel 13). Although never critically acclaimed, the three shows nonetheless clicked with viewers, notching pretty long runs: 199 episodes in eight seasons for "Boss," 166 episodes in seven seasons for "Pains" and 138 episodes in seven seasons for "MacGyver."

MEETING TRAGEDY -- Star Bill Smitrovich directed Sunday's episode of "Life Goes On," which proves one of life's sad realities in a tragic development that should not be revealed here. But there is promise, too, as Paige (Tracey Needham) gets a marriage proposal.

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