'Jeopardy!' brings it home to Baltimore


* "Alex, what is the queen city of the Patapsco drainage basin?"


The answer is Baltimore, of course, which is one of the categories scheduled on tonight's edition of "Jeopardy!" at 7:30 p.m. on WMAR-Channel 2, with host Alex Trebek. As a promotional gimmick called "Bringin' It Home," the show highlights numerous geographical categories and alerts stations therein to plug the local angle.

(By the way, Media Monitor borrowed the Charm City description above from the departed Maryland Public Television series, "Crabs").


* What a list of rockers were on the bill for today's big AIDS benefit at London's Wembley Stadium! And two hours of "A Concert for Life" can be seen on Fox stations tonight (at 8, WBFF-Channel 45).

A partial rundown includes: Elton John, David Bowie, George Michael, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Def Leppard, Robert Plant, Spinal Tap and especially the surviving members of Queen. The concert pays tribute to Freddie Mercury, the lead singer and co-founder of Queen, who died of AIDS in November.

The full four-hour concert can also be seen on cable's MTV on Saturday, beginning at noon, as part of a day-long "Strike Back Saturday" schedule to raise awareness of AIDS.

* Although heavy going emotionally, Claude Lanzmann's epic 9 1/2 -hour film "Shoah" represents a powerful chronicle of The Holocaust, and Maryland Public Television tonight begins a re-airing in four parts.

Screenings begin at midnight nightly through Thursday. Airing as a prelude to Holocaust Remembrance Week next week, the movie is comprised of interviews with concentration camp survivors.

* Trek alert! "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock," ABC's movie tonight (9 o'clock, Channel 13), does not rank as the best in the series, but it's not the worst, either. (That would be "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier," better sub-titled "The Fatuous Flop.")

A gratuitous death mars the plot of "ST III", but Christopher Lloyd chews the scenery as a Klingon who duels with Kirk (William Shatner) on a disintegrating planet. And that's only after Kirk and crew have hijacked the Enterprise.

* NBC's new movie tonight, "Lady Against the Odds," illustrates a TV rule: A good role in a hot series always leads to a good part in a made-for-TV film.


Crystal Bernard (perky lunch-counter keeper Helen on "Wings") joins Annabeth Gish ("Mystic Pizza") in a detective partnership in World War II Los Angeles. A Rex Stout novel forms the foundation.

Trivia note: If co-star Dan Castellaneta seems familiar but you just can't place him, know that the actor also gives voice to Homer Simpson.