Guess what was in my Easter basket, sports fans?

You are right --no chocolates, but rather little white notes, each containing a "Question Without an Answer." Nothing could have been more thoughtful, especially since I got it early, in time to fill this space.

Let me remind you that if you have anything to add, just call the24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* First up, before we start openingthe notes in my basket, is to let all those student-athletes who have called within the last few days know that we will announce the 10thannual Anne Arundel County Sun Academic-Athletic Team on Sunday, May3.

The 12 boys and 12 girls selected will be honored at a banqueton Tuesday, May 5, at the Baltimore-Washington International AirportMarriott.

The awards presentation will be the main part of the Anne Arundel Trade Council Spring Membership Dinner. Each of the honorees will receive a plaque, and the top overall male and female will receive additional awards.

Those selected will be notified within a week to 10 days. If you called and left your name and did not get a return phone call, your application was received.

Once again the field is outstanding, with close to 100 students applying. The only disappointing thing about this year's batch of applications is that for the second year in a row not one student-athlete from Southern of Harwood applied.

In the past, we have had some truly remarkable selectees from Southern, including overall winner Valory Trumpy in 1989. It's hard to believe no one from Southern has been nominated the last couple of years.

* Despite not receiving any applications from Harwood, I heard from a self-proclaimed "old-timer" from that area.

How many of you other old-timers out there remember Tom Shepherd, who played shortstop-third base for Tracy's High School back in the '30s?

Tracy's at Tracy's Landing is now Southern High. Back when Shep played, Tracy's was one of only four county high schools, along with Annapolis, Arundel and Glen Burnie. Shepherd played a year for Tracy'sthen moved over to Annapolis for his final three years.

"We made our own ball field at Tracy's back then," said Shepherd.

Shepherd,who is 74 and resides in Ferndale, later played for the Davidsonville semipro team.

"We had some great teams back then, just a bunch of country boys playing the game," said Shepherd. "I signed with the Washington Senators and reported to a minor-league team in Salisbury, but I got injured, and that was the end of my pro career."

Shep called the 24-Hour Sportsline to let me know that a former neighbor of his, 18-year-old left-handed pitcher Adam Murphy, made the varsity atFurman University in Greenville, S.C., this spring.

"Adam's dad, Mike, was a catcher at Glen Burnie High and is now in the St. Louis school system," said Shep. "He and his brother Sugar Murphy played forthe Gambrills Athletic Club."

The Murphys moved from Ferndale a few years ago to Bel Air, where Adam attended high school, before moving to St. Louis.

* Did you high school baseball players know that your coach should have, or will soon get, player profile requests from the U.S. Baseball Federation, which is seeking to put together the U.S. Junior National Team for 17- and 18-year-olds?

"It's part of the Olympic developmental program and is a great opportunity for exposure," said Arundel High coach Bernie Walter, who has coached the team three times, including the 1988 world championship team.

Such major-leaguers as Will Clark of the San Francisco Giants, Danny Tartabull of the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles Ben McDonald and Mike Mussina played in the program.

* Did you hear that former Annapolis star Kevin Alarie pitched UMBC (23-6) to a big 5-4 win at Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond, Va.? VCU is considered to be one of the top college teams in the East.

"Kevin pitched us into the eighth inning and really did a good job," said assistant Dave "Pop" Warner, who resides in the Lake Shore area. "He didn't walk anybody, had four strikeouts, kept the ball down and threw a lot of pop-ups and ground balls to get the win."

Did you know that you can see UMBC in actionat 7 p.m. on Tuesday at Joe Cannon Stadium against Old Dominion?

* How about adding veteran Milwaukee Brewers scouting supervisor Walter Youse to the growing list of pro scouts who say that Anne Arundel County high school baseball is the best in Maryland and nearby?

"This is the best high school baseball I see in Maryland and in the Mid-Atlantic area," Youse said Monday while watching the Glen Burnie at Arundel game.

* Wasn't it a wonderful gesture on the part of the Anne Arundel Baseball Umpires Association to make a monetary donation to the Friends of Joe Cannon committee to promote amateur baseball?

* After our baseball preview listed former Northeast star right-hander Bob Loughery as the state and county record-holder for most strikeouts (19) in a seven-inning game (1970), this "Q" came in from NorthCounty Principal Bill Wentworth.

"Did you know that our tennis coach Dan Krimmelbein took Loughery deep in the county championship game while playing for Andover back in 1970?" said Wentworth, who until this year was a Glen Burnie Patriots 16-and-under summer youth baseball coach.

How many of you knew that Krimmelbein, an All-County performer in baseball, basketball and soccer, has just one hand?

* Did you know ex-major league baseball scout Charley Eckman of Glen Burnie says that his neighbor Patrick Rosko, a 6-foot-1 senior right-hander for Mount St. Joe (7-2), who four-hit Loyola (6-6) for a 7-1 win Tuesday, is a kid "worth a look by the scouts?"

* While some think the recent failed movement to make lacrosse the state sport or state game is something new, did you know that Arundel lacrosse coach ClintGosnell and former state delegate William Burkhead lobbied for the same back in 1980?

* With defending state Class 4A champion Dulaneygetting its 45-game regular-season winning streak snapped this week by Class 2A Towson, 11-8, shouldn't Anne Arundel teams such as Broadneck (7-0) and Severna Park (6-2) be excited about prospects of regaining the state crown?

Do you remember the last county team to win the state 4A lacrosse championship?

Answer: Gosnell's Arundel Wildcats, 15-0, in 1988.

* Did you know Arundel assistant softball coach Paul Yannuzzi says the upstart Cats' junior windmiller Tracy Koenigreminds him of Cheryl Brown?

Brown pitched Yannuzzi's 1988 Severna Park Falcons to the state 4A title as a junior.

Didn't the Arundel girls have a right to make Yannuzzi cover with masking tape the Falcons logo on the sweat pants he wears to the games?

* How much ofa thrill do you think it was for Coach Ann Wallace and her Navy women's lacrosse team to edge Loyola's club team, 11-10, last week for their first "W" of the season?

* Finally, wasn't it a gentlemanly gesture on the part of Meade's head football coach, Hayse Henderson, tocome to the aid of a youth baseball player felled by a teammate's accidental swing of the bat during a tournament in Brooklyn last week?

Henderson administered first aid to Jimmy Treen, of the Little Orioles, who was playing against the Glen Burnie Dodgers when he accidentally was struck in the mouth. Henderson's son, Ben, plays for the Dodgers.

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