U.S. asks Afghan rebels to accept U.N....


U.S. asks Afghan rebels to accept U.N. truce

WASHINGTON -- The United States, which for years armed Afghan guerrillas battling the Communist government in Kabul, yesterday urged them to stop fighting and accept a United Nations-brokered peace.

Washington seemed alarmed at the rapid collapse of Afghan President Najibullah's forces and the advance of rebels. Yesterday, the rebels took control of the country's largest military base, 35 miles north of the city.

War criminals had U.S. 'shield,' TV says


TOKYO -- Japan's public television network has unearthed evidence from Russian and U.S. archives on how key members of the Japanese army's secret germ warfare unit escaped prosecution as war criminals after World War II.

Documents detailed experiments carried out by the Japanese on prisoners of war, such as deliberately infecting prisoners of war with anthrax and conducting surgical examination of a prisoner's organs while he was still alive, NHK television said.

The evidence showed the U.S. military obtained data from the tests in exchange for shielding the perpetrators from prosecution at the 1946-1948 Tokyo war crimes tribunal, the program said.

Rabbi says dollar motto defiled by restrooms


JERUSALEM -- Israel's chief rabbi, Mordechai Eliahu, says people should not take U.S. dollars out of their pockets when in a restroom or an unclean place.

The rabbi's religious ruling said that because of the motto "In God We Trust" printed on them, dollars must be treated the same way as holy documents and not be exposed to filth.

Palestinians defy Israel, meet Arafat in Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt -- Palestinian delegates to the Middle East peace talks defied Israeli warnings yesterday and met PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Security sources and Arab diplomats said all 25 Palestinian delegates met Mr. Arafat, who last week narrowly survived a plane crash in the Libyan desert.

"If it is illegal or a crime to pursue a humanitarian commitment to a fellow Palestinian who has been subjected to a very serious and dramatic accident . . . then I think there is something seriously wrong," said team spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi.

Algerian fundamentalist sentenced in absentia

ALGIERS, Algeria

ALGIERS, Algeria -- A leader of Algeria's banned Muslim fundamentalist movement was sentenced in absentia yesterday to 10 years in prison for distributing subversive documents.

Mohammed Said, a member of the ruling council of the Islamic Salvation Front, is believed to have been in hiding for the past two months.

The front was poised to win control of Parliament before an army-led crackdown began in January.

OAS will send team to help Peru in crisis


WASHINGTON -- The Organization of American States yesterday said it will send a high-level team to Peru next Tuesday to help seek a way out of the crisis triggered by the dissolution the country's Congress.

The OAS, meeting in Washington, agreed Monday to send the team to monitor human rights compliance in Peru, but set no date.

Mandela thanks Jews for aiding black struggle


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- Nelson Mandela, criticized by the Jewish community for embracing PLO leader Yasser Arafat, yesterday thanked Jews for helping the black liberation movement.

In a Passover message, the African National Congress president said the biblical story of Moses leading the Jews from Egyptian slavery inspired black South Africans today.

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