Head coach: Sue Chittim (third season).

Assistant coaches: Dave Gehrdes and Lisa Kallis.

1991 record: 8-4.

Returnees: Seniors Carrie Lewis (g), Ali Nadich (att), Emily Chones (def), Kristin Chiari (def), Kate Garrett (att) and Cory Harmon (att); juniors Shannon Cordell (att), Cory Samaras(def) and Inga Fredland (def); sophomores Kate Brew (g), Cheryl Ragland (def) and Cristi Samaras (att).

Newcomers: Senior Becky Janovsky (att); juniors Nicole DeChamps (att), Heather Knutson (att) and Lauren Feinstein (att); sophomores Tamie Phipps (att), Kara Zimmerman (att), Courtney Hackett (def), Jessica Kerr (att) and Christina Muir (def); freshman Erica Knutson (att).

Coach's outlook: "The good thing about our team is that most of our returners are starters, and allof them have been playing well together. We're very solid all-around, offensively and defensively. If we have one weak point, it would beour transition game. As far as the playoffs go, it's a little too early to make that call, but if we play as well as we're capable of playing, we'll be very hard to stop."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Narrowly missing postseason action last spring, the Panthers shouldbe hungry for a bid this season. Other county powers should be wary of this bunch come May.


Head coach: Del Hughes (first season).

Assistant coaches: Mimsy Molter and Michelle Davis.

1991 record: 1-11.

Returnees: Seniors Lori Raymon (att), Lisa Shives (mid), Sandy Kopman (att), Stacey Davis (mid) and Heather Matuschek (def); juniors Sue Khamvongsa (mid), Jen Gos (def) and Emily Feld (att).

Newcomers: Sophomore Jen Retzer (mid), Connie Fink (G) and Kelly Vigilone (att).

Coach's outlook: "So far, it's been kind of tough in the early going, but I think as the season progresses, we'llbegin to jell. I think the kids are adapting well to our new coaching staff, and they have a great work attitude. Everyone works together, and they don't depend on just one person. There hasn't been much offense. Our best offensive output after a couple of scrimmages and ourfirst game was two goals, and our defense is very young, but they'recoming along slowly. After our first game (a 19-2 pounding at the hands of St. Mary's on Friday), we were disappointed, but the girls didn't keep their heads down for long. They realize that there is a lot of work to be done."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: This year isn't exactly the year to be a rebuilding team. With the right kind of luck, the Mustangs may be able to eke out one or two wins.


Head coach: Tina Lewnes (fourth season).

Assistant coach: Joann Crause.

1991 record: 10-5.

Returnees: Seniors Lindsey Moreland (def), Christine Manning (def), Virginia Frisch (def), RobinHonan (def), Melissa Wasowski (mid), Julie Dodd (att), Randall Goldsborough (att), Kirsten Bowman (att) and Melissa Reynolds (g); juniorsMerri Kennedy (att) and Renee Kretawski (att).

Newcomers: Senior Susan Keifer (att), juniors Krissy Zurflah (att), Meghan Coakley (att), Katie Seymour (att), Ann Devlin (def) and Missy Holmes (def); sophomores Elizabeth Schaffner (att) and Stephanie Fallon (att).

Coach's outlook: "I think we should fare well. We have a tough schedule, but the kids are working together well. We have a great attack. I think they want to win. We have some speed this year on defense and good speed overall, so that will be key. In the past, we've just had a lotof goals scored on us because we didn't have much speed. We were always playing catching up, and I think that will change this year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: St. Mary's is the cream of the private school crop, but with no league affiliation, the Saints will have nowhere to take their gaudy record in the postseason.


Head coach: Susan Licameli (second season).

Assistant coaches: Ree Connelly and Jo Welch.

1991 record: 4-8.

Returnees: Seniors Patti Bartosiewicz (att), Nicole Morato (def), Cari Cunningham (att), Megan Sharpe (att), Amy Brown (def), Jen Matthews (att) and Kristin Wycoff (att); juniors Amy Lettis (att), Heather Sinclair (def) andTammi Gosheff (mid); sophomores Cecelia Beach (def) and Barb Muller (mid).

Newcomers: Juniors Kathy Brady (g), Kate Lawson (mid), Tee Holmes (def) and Cathy Husuck (def.); sophomores Sara Phillips (g), Leighann Turner (att) and Leslie Knowles (att); freshman Tara Surlis (att).

Coach's outlook: "It takes my team a little while to get themselves going, but once they do, they play very well together. But you have to light a fire under them in order for them to play well. Oneof our biggest problems is that we tend to over-analyze instead of just going out and playing the game. I think my coaching staff will doan excellent job. Ree Connelly is very intelligent and offers lots of knowledge of the game, and Jo Welch brings lots of discipline."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: As Licameli points out, the county league is very balanced in 1992, and with their early-season schedule,the Wildcats might find themselves behind the 8-ball early on. A strong finish may put them at .500.


Head coach: CathyCarper (fourth season).

Assistant coaches: None.

1991 record: 10-3-2, lost to Roland Park in semifinals of Association of Independent Schools tournament.

Returnees: Seniors Cristina Brill (att), Anne Schorreck (att), Katie Burrows (def) and Jacqui McDermott (att); juniors Brenna Ryan (att), Robin Quinton (att), Kristen Bauer (def) and Christy Cole (def).

Newcomers: Seniors Sarah Franey (att), AimeeSadle (attack) and Jen Wassif (def); junior Alissa Webb (def); sophomores Elizabeth Duncan (def), Emily Franey (mid) and Sarah Long (def); freshmen Stephanie Tuerk (g) and Heidi Hammes (mid).

Coach's outlook: "We're coming together as a team very well and much quicker than I anticipated. I think we'll be strong. We have a lot of young players so I expect it could be a trial-and-error year. We have a lot of returning attack, but our defense is new, so we will basically be experimental in that area. But I have confidence in them and I think they can pull it off."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Admirals are young, so don't expect too much too soon. What you will see is a team that improves each game and which could peak in time to make an impact on the AIS tournament.


Head coach: TomTaylor (second season).

Assistant coaches: Walt Robuck and James Haislip.

1991 record: 7-7.

Returnees: Seniors Lizzie Elza (att), Laura Hoskins (g), Kristie Robinson (mid), Stacey Robinette (att) and Cindy Deemer (def); juniors Jen McGuire (att) and Becky Webb (att); sophomores April Hall (att), Karen Wick (def) and Stacey Mayo (def).

Newcomers: Seniors Carla McConnell (att), Karen McConnell (att),Shelly Bayner (def) and Leanne Nims (def); juniors Jen Overcash (def), Brandi Slocum (def) and Jamie Dembeck (def); freshmen Melanie McMullen (att), Lisa Martin (def) and Michelle Dillow (att).

Coach's outlook: "We graduated just about the whole team from last year, so we're basically an all-new team that's starting all over. But the kids have a great work ethic, and they've shown great abilities in passingand cutting. They're doing everything right except finishing, and you can't do anything without that. We have good athletes, but this is a team of the future. I see good things down the road."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Ten starters graduated, including first-team All-County attacker Stephanie Meyer (70 goals, 21 assists) and veterangoalie Lisa Betz. Taylor just wants to see progress, and he will -- but not in the form of many victories.


Head coach: Mary Pat Bozel (fourth season).

Assistant coach: Mary Kaulius.

1991 record: 4-14.

Returnees: Seniors Marie Jamison (mid), JenWeihs (att) and Jen Davis (att); juniors Alice Matos (att), Karen Mayernick (mid), Lori Grimes (mid), Angie Frazetti (g) and Megan O'Brien (mid); sophomores Erin Kilby (def), Courtney Markowski (mid) and Suzie Harris (mid).

Newcomers: Sophomores Katie O'Brien (mid), Mary Babbington (def), Emily Matt (def), Jen Sparks (def), Monica Yost (att) and Emily McManus (def); freshman Kathy Barr (g).

Coach's outlook: "Barring injury, we should have at least a .500 season, and hopefully we'll do a little more than that. We're not playing some of the harder county schools this year, so we should have a better record. Hopefully, we'll have a fairly decent season. The girls have been working hard and we have a strong senior group and the youth on the team is strong as well."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Jamison has proven she can put the ball in the net, but the Cavaliers' defense, orlack thereof, could negate her efforts. For Spalding to reach the .500 mark it first must keep its opponents from consistently scoring indouble digits.


Head coach: Bob Manz (second season).

Assistant coaches: Maureen McMahon and Steve Suite.

1991 record: 0-12.

Returnees: Seniors Brandi Kaiser (att), Nicole Griese(att), Chris Surguy (mid), Heather Liba (def) and Jenelle Williams (def); juniors Christina Williams (mid) and Heather Guy (mid).

Newcomers: Juniors Joy Collins (def) and Jen Rucker (mid); sophomores Christina Jacobs (mid), Erin Harry (def) and Sheila Russo (g).

Coach's outlook: "Our goal is to reach .500, and if we do that, we'll be happy because we've got an extremely difficult schedule. Our strengths will be our overall speed. And over the last few years, the skill level of the players has always improved. We had 55 kids come out for both the junior varsity and varsity, so I'm pretty happy with the team's attitude."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Obviously, the Eagles' program has nowhere to go but up. Unfortunately, all the county teams are tough, so their best chances at victory will come against Meade at 3:30 today, Archbishop Spalding at 5 p.m. Friday and Key Schoolin the May 5 season finale. Despite the return of six starters from last year's team and an overall improvement in skills, the Eagles arein for another rough season.


Head coach: Bruce Sponsler (second season).

Assistant coaches: Jackie Domshick and Larry Allen.

1991 record: 8-6.

Returnees: Seniors Erin Kennedy (g), Suzanne Martin (mid), Alison Baker (att) and Amanda Baker (def); juniors Amy Swanhart (def), Courtney Cochran (mid), Britt Morrison (mid) and Kerith Spicknall (mid); sophomore Michelle Salmon (att).

Newcomers: Juniors Cindy Botts (mid), Ann Marie McNally (mid), SuzanneMoyer (def), Jennifer Tate (mid), Allison Rayburn (mid), Kristy Lundy (att), Heather Grimes (att) and Denise Creswell (g); sophomore SaraSaghirian (mid); freshman Stephanie Rose (def).

Coach's outlook: "We've got varsity experience right down the middle of the field, which is what you need. We have a small senior class, but they're ones who want to be out there. We'll try to make the playoffs. The new format helps us a lot. The girls are more experienced, and making the playoffs is a realistic goal for us. Last year, we were 8-6 and that probably won't make it, but maybe 9-5 would."

Anne Arundel County Sunoutlook: Old Mill lost a lot of goals with the graduation of Alison Zaetz (58), but Salmon (52) and Martin (10) are capable scorers. If Kennedy has the type of season that Sponsler anticipates, Old Mill should, indeed, make the playoffs.


Head coach: Linda Kilpatrick (sixth season).

Assistant coaches: Tyrone Neal and Bill Madden.

1991 record: 4-8.

Returnees: Seniors Talaya Barnett (att), Rachel Gladwell (mid), Corey Paul (def), Liz Pluebell (def), Kim Smith (def), Jennie Young (att), Liza Bigger (mid), Jennifer Slarb(att) and Tonya Catterton (def); juniors Crystal Bennett (g), Carolyn Meador (att) and Jennifer Jackson (def); sophomore Kari Sherbert (att).

Newcomers: Sophomores Sara Madden (def) and Laura Stockett (def); freshman Becky Archambo (att).

Coach's outlook: "I have nine seniors back from last year, and last year's season kind of left a bad taste in a lot of their mouths. I don't think they're feeling a lotof pressure, but we have a lot of confidence and some determined players who want to get back to the caliber of play that people expect from Southern."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Bulldogs missed the playoffs for the first time last year, losing several games by a goal or two. But this year's version appears to be the county's topreturning team. Kilpatrick's squads had reached the state finals four straight times, winning three state titles in the process. So this team is on a mission to redeem itself. And look for Southern to do just that, regaining its Bulldog status among county teams and its top-dog status among the state's 2A-1A contingents this year.


Head coach: Jim Buchan (sixth season).

Assistant coaches: Jerry Raab and Nancy Czach.

1991 record: 14-1, lost to Severna Park in 4A-3A state finals.

Returnees: Seniors Becky Smith (mid), Kara Smith (def), Cindy Bumgarner (def), Michele Reese (g), Joanne Dominguez (att) and Natalie Buritsch (att); juniors Denise Perrone (att), Nicole Merzendorf (def), Jen Light (def) and Amy Cunningham (def).

Newcomers: Junior Jen Ragan (mid); sophomore Lori Wlodarczyk (mid).

Coach's outlook: "I think we have a lot more balance than last year. Our expectations will be based on how quickly they jell together. We'll see if someone steps up when the games are tough, makes the big defensive play when the games are tough. If we can find those players, we should have a good season."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: It isn't realistic to expect Chesapeake to return to the state finals when so many key players, including four first-team All-County selections, have graduated. But the defense still appears strong, and if players like Perrone and Buritsch adapt to their new positions, this team should make the playoffs. And from there, anything can happen.


Head coach: Leeann Shuck (first season).

Assistant coaches: Tom Cole and Laura Elsey.

1991 record: 7-5.

Returnees: Seniors Becca Fink (mid), Dawn Frederick (def), Paige Bowman (g), Wendy Baxter (g), Michelle Meyer (def), Liz Piazza (def) and Lisa Pastrana (def); juniors Megan McEwen (att), Karen Chesley (att) andSuzie Goodrich (att); sophomore Katie Kemerer (def).

Newcomers: Sophomores Danielle Meyer (att) and Susannah Johnson (mid).

Coach'soutlook: "It's a pretty strong team. I think they'll hang in there and do fine. Our goal this year is to make the playoffs, and I think we have a team capable of doing that. It's just that the team has to want it. We've got the talent. They just have to put it together, keepit together. And I have confidence that they can do that. It'll be ateam that won't be easy to beat. They can hold their own."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Coaches Shuck and Elsey are a nice link tothe past; they were seniors on the 1987 state champion team. They could experience a little deja vu this spring because the Bruins must be included among the county squads capable of winning it all. Bowman and Michelle Meyer are among the best at their positions. A balance of scoring and defense makes this one tough team.


Head coach: Carin Peterson (third season).

Assistant coaches: Elaine Robertson and Katie Osborne.

1991 record: 14-1, 4A-3A statechampions.

Returnees: Seniors Nicki Cecere (mid) and Eva Roes (def); juniors Liz Warfield (att), Tracy McGarry (def), Stephanie Roberts (mid) and Amy Carnaggio (mid); sophomores Erin McNeally (def) and Erin Wylde (mid).

Newcomers: Juniors Brandee Snyder (g), Katie Kuch(mid) and Gabrielle Cormier (att); sophomores Kathy McCafferty (mid), Colleen Gately (mid) and Tressa Campbell (att).

Coach's outlook:"They're a very young team, but I have a lot of them back from last year. They hold their own fate. I'm happy with the talent on this team. I'm not going to predict; we'll just go game by game. There are a lot of talented teams out there. If Severna Park wasn't in the stateslast year, Chesapeake could have won it, Annapolis could have, Broadneck could have. We've got a lot of talented competition in this county."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Severna Park is as talented as any team, and the Falcons again are the favorites to return to thestates. Disregard the small number of seniors; these girls can play.As long as Snyder performs well, the Falcons have a legitimate to make it six straight state titles.


Head coach: Paula Tobin (first season).

Assistant coach: Greg Dick.

1991 record: 7-5.

Returnees: Seniors Kristy Moltz (att), Heather Riley (att-mid), Tiffany Eschbacker (att), Peggy Schreiber (mid), Angie King (def), Cher Coleman (def), Tammy Hodges (def), Stacey Lambden (att) and Jen Wiswall (att); juniors Carie Heuber (def) and Joni Jaccobs (def).

Newcomers: Sophomores Crissy Burke (def), Amy Voight (def), Erika Lee (att) and Amy Davis (g); freshmen Meagan Riley (att) and Jamie Pyle (att).

Coach's outlook: "It was important to get that firstwin (16-4 over North County) out of the way. It allowed me to do some subbing, and I saw some wonderful stickwork. I'm rotating some players defensively, trying to build from back there. The leadership is coming from Heather Riley, Moltz and Coleman. Coleman is really talking to her defense, and I think she's going to have a dynamite season."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Moltz and Schreiber combined for57 goals and 31 assists last year, and Coleman had 16 saves in the season-opening win. Add veteran starter Heather Riley and talent from last year's 9-3 junior varsity squad, and that's a solid foundation. Problem is, there are at least seven other teams as good or better. Look for the Seahawks to equal last year's record.

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