Head coach: Larry Brogden (18th year).

Assistant coaches: Bobby Lamb and Joe Kirby.

1991 record: 6-12.

Returnees: Seniors Anthony Dove (OF), Ty Selby (C), Rich Carrion (1B), Jason Smith (OF), Todd Greene (OF) and Brian Kapusta (P); juniors Chris Crisamagna (OF), Eric Johnson (C), Chad Hartman (IF-P) and Caron Johnson (IF-P).

Newcomers: Juniors Michael Graf (P) and Thomas Ford (OF); sophomores Chris Johnson (IF-C) and Ron Grover (OF).

Coach's outlook: "I told the kids that we won'trush things. Hopefully, we'll start playing like we're capable of maybe two or three games into the regular season. We're coming a along at a good pace so far. Last year we didn't have the bodies, but this year we seem to have more to work with this year. Pitching could be astrong spot with Kapusta and (Caron) Johnson. I think we're a prettycapable team, but it's going to be rough competing with the Arundels, Severna Parks, Glen Burnies and Old Mills."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: From the looks of things, the Panthers will more than likely stay in the bottom half of the region. As Brogden points out, getting past the upper echelon won't be an easy assignment. A repeat oflast year's record wouldn't be a total surprise.


Head coach: Tom Lind (second season).

Assistant coach: Tom Pollard.

1991 record: 2-12 in Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference.

Returnees: Seniors John Hall (CF-P), Pat Calabrese (P-SS), Mickey Wist (SS-2B), Brian Barth (3B), Gary Hnyla (1B), Edgar Wright (P-OF) and Ray Paquin (OF); juniors Fabian Dilamey (C) and Jeff Paxton(P-2B).

Newcomers: Juniors Jamie Collins (OF), Eric Conrad (OF), Brian Campbell (C) and Jason Nelson (OF); sophomores Chris Lucas (3B-OF) and Brent Pollard (OF).

Coach's outlook: "We could be OK if wehave pitching, but I'm concerned about that right now. Pat Calabreseis having arm trouble. With him in the lineup, I think we have a decent chance at going to the MSA A Conference playoffs, but without him, I'm not sure how we'll finish."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook:Pitching, or a lack of it, could make for a long season for the Cavaliers. The little pitching Spalding does have already is banged up and the three-games-a-week season is just starting. The Cavs are going to need timely hitting more than ever this season. If they get it, they could surprise some teams.


Head coach: Bernie Walter (19th season).

Assistant coaches: Nick Jauschnegg, Tut O'Hara and Kevin Heiser.

1991 record: 20-4, 4A state champions.

Returnees: Seniors Tre Overstreet (IF-OF), Bryan Hehman (Util), Eric Lodge (P), Chris Durocher (2B-3B), Curt Odar (C) and Brian Rolocut (P-OF).

Newcomers: Senior Lance Zimmerman (OF); juniors Jim Taylor (OF), Tim Giles (1B), Mike Cozzone (3B), Mike Fairbanks (CF), Brian Sands(P-1B), Joe DeLisi (OF), Matt Sakal (OF) and George Taylor (P); sophomores Jeff Hedrick (SS), Brandon Agamennone (P), Kevyn Dodson (LF) and J.P. Noon (C).

Coach's outlook: "The JV team was the county champions last year, so we have a good bunch ofyoung players coming up. With seven seniors, plus the juniors and sophomores, it looks like we've got a nice blend. They're a good group. They have a lot of experienc, even though they're young, because they've played a lot of baseball. We're looking forward to a pretty good year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Another pretty big question is how effective the Arundel pitching will be without Zach Collins, who left school, and Jeff Beard, who graduated. That's 18 wins out the window. So, will Arundel be on the outside looking in come playoff time? Not likely.


Head coach: Mark Stover (eighth season).

Assistant coaches: Ken Kazmarek and Tim McMullen.

1991 record: 12-8.

Returnees: Seniors Jeff Vincent (P-SS), Matt Weimer (P-OF), Terry Williams(1B), Cliff McClain (3B), Larry Krzyzaniak (C), Erin Hickman (2B) and Tim Collins (P-OF); junior Chris Sutch (P-OF).

Newcomers: SeniorKevin Barry (OF); juniors Todd Bramble (OF-C) and Scott Seyfferth (IF).

Coach's outlook: "This is a talented group, but so far they haven't been able to get things together the way we want. That's due, in part, because some kids came out late because of basketball and wrestling, and also because of the weather. But we're going to be very competitive and we'll be in the hunt again this year. It's just a matter of how quickly they jell and how hard they work early in the season. Five of our first seven games are on the road, so that will be a good indication of where we should end up in the region."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Bruins missed the playoffs by one game last year, and they again should find themselves on the bubble. Vincentand Weimer saw plenty of innings last year, so the loss of Johnny Williams won't hurt the staff. But the team's hitting, and luck, must improve for Broadneck to go the next step.


Head coach: Jim Simms (first season).

Assistant coaches: Chip Snyder and Jerry McBee.

1991 record: 9-11.

Returnees: Seniors Bobby Conrad (CF), Mike O'Brien (OF), Jimmy Wolfe (P-RH), Jason Siemer (P-2B), Timmy Wilde (C), Darrell Keith (P-2B), Jamie Robertson (OF) and BobbyWidner (1B); junior John Young (P-SS).

Newcomers: Juniors Chris Ryder (P-3B), Kenny Moore (C), Brandon Steinheim (3B-OF), John Samuel (OF), Jerry Scheff (P-SS), Jerry Groves (OF), Chris Adams (OF), John Klug (C), Larry Wiles (3B) and Keith Brown (1B).

Coach's outlook: "I don't see any superstars yet or at least they haven't come forwardyet. We have a blue-collar team. They're all a bunch of hard workers. If they work hard enough they should have a good shot of getting some respect. That's what we're looking to get. We'll play some real tight baseball. We need to discipline ourselves a little better, but they're coming on just the way I expected. I've seen a lot of good things and we're working on correcting the little things."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Chesapeake is looking for respect but may have trouble finding it among the county's talented group of 4A schools.


Head coach: Bruce Sider (12th season).

Assistant coaches: Ken Brazerol and Allan Saminosky.

1991 record: 10-10.

Returnees: Seniors Shannon Cavey (SS-P), Shawn Chester (OF), David Lanham (2B), Justin Slade (1B-P) and Jason Soistman (C); juniors Eddie Nalley (P), Robert Rogers (3B) and Keith Volkman (P-OF).

Newcomers: Seniors Tony Saunders (transfer from Howard High, P-OF), Mike Mahaney (transfer from DeMatha, Util) and Mike Bush (OF); juniors Todd Locklear (OF), Brian Pierce (OF), Jerry Poist (OF) and Matt Griffith (C); sophomore Scott Weise (3B).

Coach's outlook: "Last year, ifwe had more consistency at the plate, we could have made the playoffs. We're swinging the bat a little better, so if that continues, I think we'll be one of the teams to beat (in the county). Defensively, we look pretty good as far as pitching and in the infield, but I'm still not that comfortable with the outfield yet. I really don't think they'll be any slouches in the entire county. Anyone can be beaten on a given day."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: It is the opinion of many county coaches that Glen Burnie will be a strong candidate forthe Region IV playoffs. The Gophers should at least improve on last year's record, making themselves a force in the postseason.


Head coach: Elliott Harvey (sixth season).

Assistant coaches: Bill Shepard and Rick Terry.

1991 record: 11-7.

Returnees:Seniors Rob Martin (P-3B), Ian Taylor (P-DH), Kevin Powell (OF), Danny Duvall (3B), Jay Twardowski (C), Laurenio Santigo (2B) and Scott Kennel (OF).

Newcomers: Juniors Mike Aquilar (OF), Darrell Shifflet(1B), David Asbury (SS), Phillip Hilton (3B-P) and Danny Sancomb (2B).

Coach's outlook: "Right now, with the cold weather and all, I think we're a little behind where we want to be. But the kids are working hard and they're having fun. I think pitching will be a key to our success. They aren't overpowering, but they rely more on their smarts and instincts. In the 4A, I think Glen Burnie and North County aregoing to be kind of tough, and of course, you can always look for Old Mill and Arundel. Broadneck will be pretty good, as well. The whole(Region IV) race is going to be nip and tuck, and hopefully, we'll be in the thick of it."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Meade has a couple of proven veterans, but will the newcomers provide the extrafirepower needed to boost the Mustangs into the playoffs? Barely missing postseason action last year, chances are the 'Stangs will come out hungry. It won't be easy, but the playoffs are a possibility.


Head coach: Don Usewick (second season).

Assistant coaches: Brad Wilson and Al Pindell.

Last year's record: 8-11.

Returnees: Seniors John Bilheimer (LF), Wally Booth (OF-IF), RobFranz (SS) and Randy Franz (2B); juniors T. J. Hall (P-SS), Rob Miller (C) and Dave Brown (1B-DH).

Newcomers: Seniors Randy Swain (OF-P) and Jim Sowers (OF); juniors Doug Nelson (3B), Eric Schwink (1B), Joe York (OF-P) and Eric Howard (P-3B); freshman Mike Wooden (P-SS).

Coach's outlook: "Last year our hitting was very poor. I think we averaged .220 hitting as a team. From the looks of things, that's going to improve. We have an underclassman pitching staff and three guyswith the potential to be No. 1. We lack varsity experience, but we could be right in the thick of things."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: In spite of Coach Usewick's enthusiasm, it appears that the Knights are at least a year away from seriously challenging the county'sbig guns. Only four county teams can make the Class 4A Region IV playoffs. That number drops to just three teams if Charles County's La Plata sneaks in there. For the Knights, who narrowly missed last year's playoffs, it seems a .500 record looks like a safe bet. With a quick start, however, that could change.


Head coach: Harry Lentz (25th season).

Assistant coaches: Al Kohlhafer, Ed Gole and John Barbour.

1991 record: 24-0, Class 2A state champions.

Returnees: Seniors Derek Dolch (P-OF), K.C. Murphy (2B), Joe Hoyer (SS), Chad O'Brien (3B), Rich Spiegel (C) and Scott Ray (1B).

Newcomers: Senior Randy Thomas (P); juniors Jeff Hagen (CF), Wayne Hudson(P-OF) and Chris Kelly (P); sophomore Jason Hohman (LF).

Coach's outlook: "We have quite a few guys up from the junior varsity team, and we've got a good group of guys back from last year. I'd have to say that as a coach, I think it's going to be tough to repeat what we've done for the last two years, but we feel we're capable. The good thing is that we've had the same coaching staff year after year and a lot of the guys played together, either on junior varsity or in summeror fall league ball."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The big questions for the Eagles won't be answered with their bats -- they've got plenty of hitting -- or their defense -- they're solid up the middle. The answer must come on the mound, where the search for support for Dolch -- the Eagles' only returning pitcher -- continues. Northeast should survive its brutal county schedule and again reach the stateplayoffs.


Head coach: Mel Montgomery (14th season).

Assistant coaches: Rod Williams and Mike Rose.

1991 record: 15-7, lost to Arundel in 4A Region IV finals.

Returnees: SeniorsMike Mahoney (C) and Mark Bailey (OF); juniors Phil McGinnis (SS), Lee Haney (P-OF), Jeff Robinson (P-1B), Donnie Yost (OF), Ryan Scott (C-3B) and Brian Jones (P-2B).

Newcomers: Juniors Steve Bennett (3B), Ryan Dempsey (1B), Aaron Speight (OF), Chad Isbell (P-OF), Pat Crawford (P-OF), Chris Bingham (OF) and Justin Greshko (SS); sophomores Jeff Haynie (P-OF), Mike Bussey (P-OF), Kenny Pumphrey (P-OF), Josh Fretz (2B), Andrew Lewis (OF) and Mike Longazel (C-OF).

Coach's outlook: "We're very, very young. This is one of the youngest teams I'veever had. It's a learning and reloading year. We're going to be looking at some pretty good ballclubs, and when everybody sees how young we are, they'll be coming after us. It can be fun or it can be a headache. We'll see which way it goes."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Coaches know losing players each year comes with the territory, but Old Mill especially was hurt by the turnover. Mahoney and Bailey will have to shoulder quite a load, at least until the younger players emerge. The same goes with Haney and Robinson on the mound. No longera shoo-in for playoffs, but it still could happen.


Head coach: Jim Pitt (23rd season).

Assistant coaches: Kevin McGrath and Joe Gillespie.

1991 record: 14-4, lost to Old Mill in 4A Region IV semifinals.

Returnees: Seniors Steve Neuberger (CF), Rob McCandless (P-SS) and John Novak (2B); juniors John Milisitz (C), Alan Baker (3B), Byron Druzgal (P) and Roy Deitrich (1B); sophomore Sean Miller (RF).

Newcomers: Juniors David Glover (P), Costa Mamalis (2B) and John Ritter (P); sophomores Brad Tippin (1B), Mark Carpenter (OF), Mike Fleming (OF), Mike Hickerson (SS), Chad Moran (C), Shane Norgard (3B), Bryce Poland (IF) and Pat Rogers (OF).

Coach's outlook: "The only real question is pitching. If the No. 2 and 3 pitchers can mature quickly, we'll be very competitive. I think we have an excellent chance this year. With nine sophomores, we have an interesting mix of youth and experience. We're thin in pitching experience,but we'll score some runs and steal some bases. We look forward to avery successful year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Severna Park has a strong nucleus in Neuberger, McCandless, Milisitz and Novak. Any team should be able to win with that foursome. If the newcomerspan out, and McCandless gets some help on the mound, watch out.


Head coach: Chuck Crandell (second season).

Assistant coach: Tim Herrin.

1991 record: 4-12.

Returnees: Senior Andy Dawson (OF) and Joe Lanham (3B); juniors Bill McGee (2B), Chris Inzer (C), Tamon Wallace (P-SS), Brenen Redmen (1B), Chris Bush (P-1B),David Visconti (OF) and Troy O'Connor (P); sophomores Rob Herrin (IF), Wayne Small (CF) and Corey Conte (OF).

Newcomer: Seniors Eric Hammet (CF-P), Larry Schouch (1B) and Chris Thomas (P); junior Fred McGee (OF); sophomores Joey McCafferty (IF), Mike McCaffferty (C) and Tom Estep (P-1B).

Coach's outlook: "I had 20 guys total on both junior varsity and varsity last year and I coached the junior varsity the year before, so it's very helpful to know that this is my third year with some of the juniors. Already, we're a lot farther along than we have been in the last two years. We have some good capabilities. We'll be very competitive and very aggressive."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Bulldogs aren't just aiming to surpass last year's sub-par average, they're trying to go a lot farther. A .500 record in Region III would put the Bulldogs in playoff contention with some of its Prince George's County rivals. But the Bulldogs ultimately would run into defending Class 2A state champ Northeast, and that's where the ride ends.


Head coach: Ken Dunn (15th season).

Assistant coaches: Lenny Marseron, Steve Rose and Denny DeWitt.

1991 record: 4-14.

Returnees: Seniors Al Lee (SS-P), Billy Long (P), Kevin Richardson (1B-C), Jim Wilson (OF-IF), Jon Bolster (OF) and Ricky Brookman (2B); junior Richie Singleton (3B); sophomore Kevin Dove (OF).

Newcomers: Juniors Clayton Wilson (1B), Chad Reedy (C), Greg Sears (C), Chris Moorelan (OF), Richie Morris (P-OF), Robert Randall (P) and Ronnie Parrish (P-OF-1B).

Coach's outlook: "We've only got one kid who played a lot this summer, and we've got a few guys who have played a few years for us, but we're still lacking in experience. We've got Long back at pitcher, but we don't have much after that, so we'll have to pitch by committee. Still, the kids are working pretty hard."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Seahawks need help in virtually all categories, especially pitching and hitting. Several college programs are interested in Lee, who returns after asuccessful offensive season, but he's not a one-man team. "It's going to be tough, playing Arundel and Northeast twice," said Lee. Still,the Seahawks should improve on last year's victory total so that Dunn can deem this year's season a success.

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