World-record 279 rolled in duckpins


Pete Signore Jr. of North Haven, Conn., bowled a world-record 279 duckpin game March 5 at the T-Bowl in Newington, Conn. The 279 was seven pins better than the previous mark, by James Baker of Virginia Beach, Va., Oct. 1, 1991.

Signore, 39, began his record-breaking effort with a spare and then rolled nine consecutive strikes. Signore's previous high game was 214. For the night, he rolled 132-279-147558.


Perfect game: Jack Hoskins, Country Club Lanes Seniors League, bowled a 300 game and 789 set March 12. Carl Harvey, Chesapeake Men's League, Fair Lanes Towson, had a 274 game, 100 pins over his average, and John Markel Jr. of the same league bowled a 290 game and a 713 set.


City champions: The Young America Bowling Alliance City Championships were completed at Fair Lanes Kings Point. The winners are:

MAJOR -- Teams: boys, Normandy Lanes, 2,427; girls, Kings Point, 2,289; mixed, Hampstead, 2,500. Doubles: boys, Chad Kornick and Dave Harkins, 1,362; girls, Nikki Jacobi and Kathy Pendry, 1,167; mixed, Juan Branch and Cheyenne Wilson, 1,318. Singles: boys, Kornick, 771; girls, Jennifer Miele, 612. All events: boys, Eric Merchant (scratch), 1,752 and Kornick (handicap), 2,118; girls, Katharine Brady (scratch), 1,543 and Amie Bogie (handicap), 1,739.

JUNIOR -- Teams: boys, High Rollers, 2,487; girls, Good Girls 2,394; mixed, Bar No. 1, 2,420. Doubles: boys, Steve Austin and Todd Duley, 1,196; girls, Minday Soethe and Dawn Hirsch, 1,203; mixed, Adrienne Goodrich and David Janocha, 1,222. Singles: boys, Jason Bush, 719; girls, Lisa Tully and Kisha Jones, 632; All events: Dave Harkins (scratch), 1,570 and Bush (handicap), 2,050; girls, Cheyenne Wilson (scratch and handicap), 1,600 and 1,891.

PREP -- Teams: boys, Terry's Tigers, 2,366; girls, Greenway, 2,403; mixed, Shake, Rattle and Bowl, 2,419. Doubles: boys, Steve Stone and Mike Belcher, 1,274; girls, Angie and Nikki Siar, 1,238; mixed, Colleen Anderson and Wayne Cochran, 1,132. Singles: boys, Brad Gertz, 659; girls, Siar, 731. All events: boys, Joe White (scratch), 1,628 and Aaron Poporek (handicap), 1,959; girls, Tammy Hummel (scratch), 1,239 and Siar (handicap), 2,001.

BANTAM -- Teams: boys, Country Club Lanes, 2,354; girls, Screamers, 2,277; mixed, Power Pockets, 2,312. Doubles: boys, Kevin Donahue and Joe Hardee, 1,141; girls, Ashley and Melissa Weber, 1,205; mixed, Heather Brown and Chris Thorsett, 1,232. Singles: boys, Steve Stone, 660; girls, Melissa Weber, 614. All events: boys, Stone (scratch), 1,202 and (handicap), 1,856; girls, Katherine Bush (scratch), 1,054 and Nicole Martinsen and Melissa Weber (handicap), 1,801.

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