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John Seaman, 21st year; GIRLS -- Tom Hill, 11th year

Assistant coaches: Mike Coons, Rich Salkin, Beth Barry

Last year's record: BOYS -- second in county meet, first in the Class 1A state meet; GIRLS -- fifth in the county meet

Top returnees: BOYS -- Seniors, Pat Bosley (distance), Dave Jordan (distance), Mitch Jones (distance), Jon Cox (jumps); juniors, Jon Hjembo (middle distance), Scott Kreit (middle distance), David Bull (jumps), Brian Lawson (throws), Ryan Dunn (vaulting); sophomores, Mario Lagunas (relays), Sean Smith (relays), Bradford Corey (relays), Josh Crone (vaulting); GIRLS -- seniors, Dani Deeds (sprints, relays), Monica Smith (sprints, relays), Tina Vaughn (jumps), sophomores, Shannon Hugg (middle distance, distance), Lisa Etzler (hurdles)

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Seniors, Jim Clarius (distance), Rick Angel (jumps and relays); freshman, Steve Wright (jumps); GIRLS -- freshmen, Carrie Ryer (jumps) Laurie Ryer (jumps), Kelly Jariot (jumps)

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "We've got a solid track team at every level. When you compare us withthe other 1A schools, we're very good." GIRLS -- "If we want to improve on last year, our new young kids will have to complement the baseof experienced kids we have now."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- Without graduated state champs Kirk Lindsay and James Johnson, the Eagles may be shallow in hurdles and weights, but they're deep elsewhere. Look for the Eagles to be a step behind Westminster in the county race, but they should contend at the conference, region and state levels. GIRLS -- The team's raft of freshmen is a long-term boon but short-term peril. This looks like a rebuilding year, as many youngsters learn the ropes. Look for steady improvement as the seasonprogresses. This young team will be one to be reckoned with in the years to come.


Coach: Brad Hill, 11th year Assistant coaches: Mike Quealy, Amy Filsinger, Dan Jones, Dan Irwin

Last year's record: BOYS -- Fourth in the county meet, seventh in the CentralMaryland Conference meet, third in the Class 3A Region I meet; GIRLS-- second in the county meet, fifth in the CMC meet, second in the Class 3-A Region I meet

Top returnees: BOYS -- Seniors, Joe Smith (vaults), Kevin Coyne (throws), Jeff Brown (hurdles), Scott Lingle (jumps); juniors, Jay Stein (vaults), Ian Beam (distance), Aaron Sweemer(distance), sophomores, Steve Riegle (distance), Brian Lingle (hurdles,jumps), Tom Partenope (sprints), T.J. Cook (sprints), Teddy Sanders (hurdles); GIRLS -- Seniors, Julie Cox (sprints, relays), Melanie Russo (relays), Rachael Adams (distance), Patty Bouver (throws), Junior, Jen Campbell (jumps); sophomores, Amy McCready (relays), Jen Meyers (distance), Debbie Ward (middle distance), Kim Frey (jumps), Angie Payne (throws)

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Freshmen, Joe Ledda (distance), Justin Combs (distance); GIRLS -- senior, Kelly Foreman (throws);freshmen, Megan Young (jumps, sprints), Kathleen Hyduk (jumps, sprints).

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "We've got a core of kids that should bring it through in a bunch of events. If they can lead the team,we'll be tough." GIRLS -- "(To win the county) we'll need a lot of help from other teams and we'll need a lot of help from ourselves."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- The Lions have good athletes in most events, but may be lacking in depth, particularly in sprints and throws. Coming off a strong cross country showing this fall, the Lions should excel in middle and long distances. Beam, Sweemer andReigel will take charge in those distance events, while Brown leads a strong group of hurdlers. Scott and Lingle are the Lions' top jumpers. For them to move up, some youngsters will have to improve quicklyand give the proven athletes some help. GIRLS -- Liberty is strong in running but is questionable in the field events. Meyers will lead astrong contingent of distance runners. Cox, who anchored last year'sstate 800-meter championship relay, will lead the way in sprints andrelays. Foreman, a standout basketball and volleyball player, could help there but is only in her first year of competition. A lot of things will have to click if Liberty is to unseat Westminster.


Coaches: BOYS -- Stu Krise, third year; GIRLS -- Linda Richards, first year Assistant coaches: Matt Zimmerman, Mike Reid,Kim Frock

Last year's record: BOYS -- fifth in county meet, ninthin the Class 3A Region I meet; GIRLS -- fourth in the county meet, eighth in the region meet

Top returnees: BOYS -- Seniors, Ronnie Miller (sprints), Matt Davis (middle distance, distance), Will Lerp (sprints), Adam Franklin (jumps), David Jeffery (throws), Grover Sauter (vaults), James (Heffner (distance), Greg Magers (distance), Juniors,Mark Gouge (distance), Matt Warehime (throws), Sophomores, Steve Parsley (sprints), Joey Savina (jumps), Jeremy Magee (jumps), Brian Legnavchya (distance); GIRLS -- Senior, Diane Flint (throws), Juniors, Ashlee Douglas (hurdles), Francine Hewes (jumps), Melissa Poznaniak (throws), Jessie Shanks (jumps), Sandy Spoonire (sprints), Terry Shroyer(distance), Melissa Morgan (throws), Sophomores, Melissa Layman (distance), Jenny Williams (distance )

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Seniors,Wade Zufall (sprints, jumps), Derrick Poznaniak (throws), Bobby Gibbons (throws), Joe Leete (throws), Sophomore, Saidrick Lewis ( sprints); GIRLS -- Freshmen, Amber Fleming (hurdles, relays), Terry Poznaniak (throws), Jessica Kopp (middle distance), Julie Caple (jumps, relays), Jessica Martindale (distance), Tabitha Small (distance)

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "I'd like to think our top-of-the-line kids won't be embarrassed by anybody." GIRLS -- "We have an awful lot of freshmen, and we're trying to find out where they should be."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- Some top athletes will score points consistently and may be a factor all the way up to state-level competition, but lack of experience and depth will hurt the Panthers in dual meets. GIRLS -- They have depth in the field events and should do well there, but are hurting in running.


Coaches: BOYS -- Wayne Reisberg, first year; GIRLS -- Jim Horn, 10th year

Assistant coaches: Donna Fleming, Rob Pennington

Last year's record: BOYS -- Third in the county meet, fourth in the Central Maryland Conference meet, eighth in the Class 3A Region I meet; GIRLS -- third in the county meet, sixth in the CMC meet, seventh in the Class 3A Region I meet

Top returnees: BOYS -- Seniors, Craig Forman (sprints, relays), Ryan Day (hurdles), Tim White (sprints, relays), Ryan Hall (sprints, relays), Matt Patterson (vaults, jumps), Brian Ridings(throws); juniors, Matt Crill (distance), Henry Oswald (throws), Aaron Quidort (middle distance); sophomore, Sean Collins (middle distance); GIRLS -- Seniors, Melanie Phipps (middle distance), Jenn Mullins (middle distance), Rima Allport (throws), Brooxxe Bly (jumps), Juniors, Keri Murphy (middle distance), Denine Henderson (jumps), ChristinaBarritt (sprints), Sophomores, Karen Hammel (distance), Heather Young (distance), Stacey Livesey (distance, Katrina Krew (throws)

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Seniors, Troy Jones (throws), Steve Ford (relays),Mads Thaysen (relays); GIRLS -- Freshmen, Sarah McGinley (middle distance), Stacey Heffeman (sprints), Sara Tabler (sprints),Nicole Spencer (sprints, jumps)

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "If gelling of our mile relay team occurs, that should make us solid in most events. We should have a shot at third (behind Westminster and Key)." GIRLS -- "The middle distance and distance group could carry the whole thing ifthey stay healthy."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- Team has experience in places, but also question marks. Reisberg needs help in jumping and hurdles to give the team strength across the boardand a chance to move up. GIRLS -- Horn is concerned about injuries. If the team can avoid them, particularly in areas where it's thin, itcan make its mark.


Coaches: BOYS -- Bill Hill, 13th year; GIRLS -- Dale Fogelsanger, second year Assistant coaches: Jim Schenk, Shirl Dorsey

Last year's record: BOYS -- First in the county meet, first in the Class 4A, Region I meet, first in the Class 4A state meet; GIRLS -- First in the county meet, first in Class 4A Region I meet, fifth in the Class 4A state meet

Top returnees: BOYS-- Seniors, Matt Avery (middle distance-distance), Kris Brown (middle distance), Gunter Kroe (middle distance), Darby Ashmore (hurdles), Brent Black (throws); juniors, Jim Holford (distance), Wade Schenk (middle distance), Jason Craig (hurdles), Chris Freyman (jumps), Chris Zendgraft (distance), T.J. Bower (vault); sophomore, Matt Knights (jumps); GIRLS -- seniors, Stephanie Morningstar (middle distance-distance), Kym Liddick (hurdles, jumps), Corrine Glover (jumps, sprints); juniors, Kenya Warfield (hurdles, jumps), Jessica Farinholt (throws, sprints), Pauline McAlonan (jumps, middle distance), Emily Aaron (distance), Joanna Ruppert (sprints), Caroline Hare (sprints): sophomores,Brooke Holland (jumps, sprints), Holly Stewart (hurdles, jumps)

Top newcomers: BOYS -- Senior, Mark Briedenbach (sprints); juniors, Rick Raczkowski (vaults), Rob Bauhof (sprints); GIRLS -- Junior, Sandi De Hamer (throws)

Coaches' comments: BOYS -- "We have a very experienced, a very talented, and a very positive group to work with this year. This will be the key to our success." GIRLS -- "Our goal is to repeat as county champ. Liberty may be a good team this year."

TheCarroll County Sun's outlook: BOYS -- It's hard to imagine anybody beating the Owls out, as talented and deep as they are. Hill, though, wants a far better showing in states and may get it if he can keep his team at its peak a little longer. GIRLS -- Liberty may challenge, but the girls will be tough in the county. However, Eleanor Roosevelt High will be tough obstacle to a second consecutive Region I title.


Coach: Doug Renner, second year

Assistant coaches: Mike Whitmore, Becky Martin, Sam Case, and Trudy Memmel

Last year's record: No results available

Top returnees: MEN -- Seniors, Joe Embrey (middle distance), Guido Stubenrach (middle distance); junior, Jeremy Kenney (sprints); sophomores, Brett Young (hurdles), Derek Johnston (long distance), Damon Lewis (hurdles); WOMEN -- senior,Tessa Dominick (throws); juniors, Kendra Weible (middle-long distance), Kourtnay Sweeney (hurdles); sophomores, Sherry Albright (throws), Kirsten Stokel (middle distance)

Top newcomers: MEN --Senior, Kent Husted (middle distance); junior, Kent Lightbourn (middle distance); freshmen, Billy Tyrell (hurdles, sprints), Kevin Wong (sprints, jumps); WOMEN -- Senior, Alicia Clark (middle distance); sophomores, Kristen Olsh (hurdles), Julie Lucas (middle distance); freshman, Erin Jenkins (middle distance, hurdles)

Coaches' comments: MEN -- "From 400 meters on up, the running events are our strength. We ought to be in the top 10 (in MAC). If our kids work hard and we keepeveryone healthy, it will happen." WOMEN -- 'We hope to finish in the top 10 in the MAC. We have a lot of young athletes who may well develop into conference qualifiers, but we don't know enough about them."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: Don't look for much in regular-season dual meets. Renner, though, is grooming his athletes for a year-end splash at the MAC championships, where some of his top performers could make some waves. The Green Terrors will be hard pressed to compete in dual meets because of their relatively small squads, and won't rack up lots of points in big meets either. But several athletescould do quite well, led by Weible, Embry and Johnston. Lightbourn, a native of the Bahamas, could have an immediate impact on the men's team. Finishing in the top 10 in the conference may be a bit of a struggle for either team, though a few strong showings by the top competitors could move the Green Terrors up to the middle of the Middle Atlantic Conference pack. Renner and Whitmore are aggressively recruiting quality, not quantity. Renner says several of his athletes may be contenders for MAC championships and hopes some of them perform well enough to qualify for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III championships.


Coach: Pete Dodd, first year

Assistant coaches: Joel Pechart, Ty Crompton

Last year's record: The team just formed this year and did not compete in the 1991 track season

Top newcomers: Ray Dodd (middle distance), Allen Turner (middle distance), Stephan Mason (relays), James Greenauer (throws), Andre Torrence (sprints, relays), Tacuma Yasin (sprints, relays)

Coaches' comments: "I think it (the 4x100 relay squad) will be a pretty competitive team. My guys aren't really distance runners. Cross country was a real ordeal for them."

The Carroll County Sun's outlook: This is a track program in its infancy that will compete in only a few of the speed events this year. The school is small(33 students at present), and the youngsters usually leave after nine months. For this reason Bowling Brook will never have many experienced athletes. But from time to time some of its youngsters could do well in local meets. The track program is one of three sports at the juvenile home, joining cross country and basketball. The school also has a strong weightlifting program. Bowling Brook will be competing inseveral dual meets this season, including some against county schools. Don't look for the Thoroughbreds to win any meets, but several of the individuals could place well in those meets. With only seven athletes on the squad and no home track to practice on, it could be a struggle for the new team. And only one of the seven is competing in field events. The Thoroughbreds could put together some pretty good 400-and 800-meter relay teams, since most of the athletes will be in theshort- and middle-distance races. Though Bowling Book struggled in its limited cross country schedule this year, those meets gave the athletes some valuable experience. Athletic Director Frank Klein was trying to schedule more meets for the season as of last week, including more meets against Carroll County squads. Bowling Brook athletes alsodon't have the incentive of a league championship to face, though they will compete in the Tri-State Invitational in April. Klein also hopes his team will be allowed to compete unofficially in the Carroll County Track and Field Championship meet this spring. Last fall, Bowling Brook runners took part in the county boys B cross country championships.

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